Song Stories

'Too Young' — The song that changed my life

By Lucy Adams | Feb 14, 2017

In June 1953, I joyfully entered the chapel at Lake Junaluska where the youth group was having the first Sunday afternoon meeting of the summer. I stopped abruptly. Turning to my friend, Betty Anne, I mumbled angrily, “Oh, no, not Woody Adams again!” There he was, sitting down in the very front.

She knew exactly what I meant.  Last summer, I had dated a boy named Bill until his friend, Woody, showed up. Woody had been the perfect excuse for Bill to forget me and “join the boys.”

But I continued to pursue Bill. I baked homemade cookies and took them to the Terrace Hotel where he worked. When he was “too busy” to see me, I left the cookies at the front desk for him.

I walked in all of our old familiar places, hoping to see him.  One quiet afternoon as I walked by the lake, I saw a boy sitting on the top of the double-decker boat. I was happy to find Bill and I hurried toward him.  But it wasn't Bill; it was his friend, Woody Adams, the “pest”

And here he was this year. So I sat in the back of the chapel determined to avoid him. However, a week later there was a change in my thinking.

We had a talent show with other workers at the lake. There was only one person who was getting my attention — Woody Adams, the master of ceremonies. I watched him lead the program and my feelings about him changed. The pest began to look very interesting.

The final song did it. Cupid's arrow found me as Woody sang the closing song, “Too Young.” His rich baritone voice found a home in my heart. When it was over, my objective was to say something very nice to Woody.  So I called out before I left, “Woody, I sure am glad I like you this summer.” Then I left.

The next morning while I was working at the boat house, he joined me.

“Lucy,” he said, “you mean you didn't like me last summer?” So we began to talk. I liked his honesty, kindness, understanding and his handsome looks. Very soon all other boys seemed uninteresting. But I had promised a boy named Ray that I would go out with him and I felt I needed to go and tell him about Woody.

We went to the Soda Shop, and Woody came to our table to ask if he could dance with me. The song that was playing was the great one he had sung at the talent show — “Too Young.”  It was so wonderful and we whispered that we might dance right out the screen door into the dark of the night. But we decided against that and Woody returned me to the table.

When Ray walked me back to my home, I told him I would not see him anymore. “I've met the boy I am going to marry,” I told him. Ray's laugh echoed across the lake as he replied, “You've only known him a few weeks. How can you be so sure?”

I had no reply. I didn't know why or how I knew. But I knew that one day I would become Mrs. Woody Adams. With two more years of dates at college and two more summers at the lake where we met, I walked down the aisle as Woody's bride in the same chapel where I had once said, “Oh no, not Woody Adams again!”

I joined him at the altar on June 10, 1955, where his father, a minister, spoke the words and prayed the prayers that united us as man and wife.  We believe that God brought us together and has kept us growing in our marriage.

Now 62 years later on June 10, 2017, we continue to tell our love story and sing the song that warmed my heart when I heard Woody sing, “Too Young.” On the last line I join him in harmony as we sing, “We were not too young at all.”

Lucy Adams is the author of "52 Hymn Story Devotions."