Tooth Fairy Book Event

By Blue Ridge Books | Dec 12, 2013
Meet the Author   Saturday, December 14   3:00 pm
Riley's Mission by Karla Wood

     Riley's Mission is a tooth fairy tale that answers the questions (FAQs)most children have about the tooth fairy and the ultimately practical one: WHY should we bother when our teeth are going to fall out provides incentive for children to care for their teeth in a fun fantastical way. A bright clean smile is one of the most memorable physical attributes one can have. "I want kids to want to brush their teeth without anyone having to tell them to."

     Riley's Mission is without apology a how-to-brush-your-teeth book. Teeth and their care have always been important to Karla. She teases that she will put off going to the eye doctor until about blind, but loose the hounds, if the slightest thing is amiss with her teeth. It is also an aid for caregivers who from time to time struggle to get their young ones to perform the most basic self-care. Outside assistance that bolsters what a parent teaches can really make an impact on kids. Karla envisions parents and grandparents snuggled up on the couch reading this tooth fairy tale. Librarians and teachers will also find it an engaging tale for their students.

     Karla Wood is a local practicing attorney who lives in Waynesville, NC with a lifelong passion for words and books. "Blame my parents - they let me read! I never did learn the way to grandma's house because my nose was always in a book."In high school, she belonged to a story-telling troupe. As part of her community service in her Army Officer's Basic Course, she organized a group and told/read stories to children who lived on post. For community service in law school, Karla read stories to her elders in a nursing home. She has two sons, Hunter and Zachary, who bring her much joy.