TRINITY WAR part 1 (Justice League #22) review

By Max Maier | Jul 10, 2013

Ever since DC launched the New 52 continuity in 2011, this is the massive story that was teased. Trinity War is appropriate in many means, it features the Justice League, the Justice League of America and the Justice League Dark in an epic battle of heroes. It also features the Trinity of Sin in this story: Pandora (of Pandora's box mythology), The Phantom Stranger (supposedly Judas, from the Christian religion), and The Question. We are seeing the setup in part 1 here, but we have much more to come.


I am a sucker for crossovers in media, and new characters joining established teams and so on. I love events like this, and part 1 kicked off with a bang. We see Superman and Wonder Woman confronted by Pandora. This interaction is great and revealing about a certain character. Then they have to fly off to a middle eastern desert to confront Shazam. Shazam! Finally! I've been waiting for practically 7 months for Shazam to join our superheroes in continuity. The first meeting between Shazam and Superman/Wonder Woman is great and Shazam's reaction is priceless.

However, Superman and Wonder Woman's presence garners the attention of the Justice League of America. The founder of the JLA, Amanda Waller, formed the JLA to take down the Justice League. This is finally the showdown they were destined for. The rest of the Justice League comes to the rescue. During this confrontation, Dr.Light steps out and sends the first blow to start the war, by accident. Dr. Light's transformation was a complete accident, and his story is tragic. He doesn't want this life, but is doing what he must for his country.

Now the war has begun, lives have already been lost, one in particular that will bring in the Justice League Dark very soon. Writer Geoff Johns has great pacing with this story. He is building up a lot of mystery here, and giving us the fights we have patiently been waiting for. Big things are brewing.

Ivan Reis on art totally kills it. The art is fantastic. His Superman is intimidating, his Batman menacing, and his Martian Manhunter is downright terrifying. Reis has great art throughout this issue. It seems like an improvement over his work in Throne of Atlantis, which was beautiful by itself, so this is high praise.


Overall, this is a great issue, and a great start to a massive event. DC has stated that big things will come from this story, and we see hints of it already. I am stoked for what comes next.


By the way, Superman is more of an imperfect human than we realize....


I give Trinity War part 1 a 4.5 out of 5

Be here next week for my review of part 2!