Trinity War part 2 (Justice League of America #6) review

By Max Maier | Jul 17, 2013

What a battle. As I mentioned in my review of part 1, I love seeing big crossovers, and this is delivering. The Justice League and Justice League of America are at war, but not the entire issue.


We open up with the grand battle, however no other lives are lost, in addition to the 2 lives from part 1. However, the battle is broken up when Superman starts to lose control and shows his excess power to stop the fighting, asking everyone to bring him in and contain him. So the rest of the issue has Superman contained, while the 2 Leagues discuss what is going on. However, most of the dialogue comes from Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman. There is a twist at the end, adding another member of the trinity of sin to our heroes' reality.

We get some good quips and developments from the other heroes involved in the fight. Vibe's powers have heavily disrupted the Flash's powers to the point where he is actually slowed down. So that will be interesting. Amanda Waller, the government representative of the JLA asks Firestorm of the Justice League if he can create Kryptonite. Also, Shazam is confronted to pick a side, however he wants no part of the conflict.

As I mentioned, Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman took up most of the dialogue. We see Superman willing to contain himself because he feels a lot of guilt from his actions in part 1. Batman is as serious and uncaring as always, yet he isn't being mean, it is just how he approaches this whole situation, especially involving Pandora in part 1. Wonder Woman will not except a scientific answer to what is plaguing Superman, who she is in love with, she just hasn't said it.

Here is my main problem with this issue, and it is something I worried about going into this event. We have to Leagues involved, Justice League Dark gets pulled in at the end of this issue, so we will have 3 full leagues filled with a plethora of interesting characters where we could get a lot of great interactions. Unfortunately Supes, Bats and WW are getting the most attention. I understand that they are amongst the most powerful and influential of the DC Universe, but come on. I am sick of them being the center of attention of everything DC. That's why the alternate reality book Earth 2 is so great, these 3 characters die in issue 1, so we get to see a world where these 3 are not the center of attention, and it's a breath of wonderful fresh air. Yes, Superman is beyond powerful, he is Superman after all. However, his power stopping every other member of both Leagues during the fight as if he is the titan among them? Not so much. Martian Manhunter by himself can take Superman. If Shazam tapped into his magic more, he could take Superman. Even Zatanna could take down Superman, so making him the God amongst these characters is a little tongue-in-cheek.

Wonder Woman is my biggest problem though. She is a downright bully in this episode. Her Superman is in harm, and damn anyone that gets in her way. We have seen shades of her being a totalitarian, and I'll be honest, I'm sick of it. Sometimes I just want to see these kinds of characters just be handed their ass and put down a couple notches, Wonder Woman is my biggest target for this. Now, the villains are taking over in September, so something is going to go down, but Wonder Woman was just downright unlikable in this issue for me.

Doug Mahnke of Green Lantern fame is a great artist, his action scenes are always stellar, except, faces. Mahnke's faces are also off to me, their faces look too marbel-esque and the lips sometimes look huge. Wonder Woman also looks kind of man-ish. On the whole though, Mahnke is a good artist, like I said, the action is great.

So I know I picked on Wonder Woman and Superman a lot, but overall this is a great issue. We are getting a lot of developments and there are big things building. I am very excited to see where this story is going and can't wait for the next part.


I give Trinity War part 2 (Justice League of America #6) a 4 out of 5