Tuscola Drafting Competition

Apr 29, 2013
Photo by: Donated photos Above, Mike Sorrells is pictured with first place winners David Fender and Wesley Mull; Below, Daniel Sutton is shown with second place winners second place winners Alex LaBree and Cody Lesieur.

Recently, Daniel Sutton approached Tuscola High’s Drafting department about drawing a set of plans for a semi-covered deck.

Sutton, a longtime supporter of Tuscola's Career and Technical Education department, has, for the third time, enlisted the help of advanced Drafting students to draw plans for specific projects.

Previously, students have primarily drawn floor plans, but this time it was a detached, partially covered deck for Mike and Susan Sorrells’ house at Lake Douglas.  Sutton met with drafting teacher Ethan Rhinehart to present his sketch and discuss the construction and timeline for the project.

Rhinehart’s advanced Drafting III students began work on the deck with hopes of receiving Sutton’s $75 first prize or $25 second prize for Best Plans.  Instructions were for students to create different drawings of the deck, all of which would be structurally sound and meet building code.  They had to draw the floor plan, two elevations, roof framing plan, and floor framing plan using the AutoCAD computer program.  Some students went above and beyond the requirements and created a three-dimensional rendered drawing on a new program they’ve learned called Revit.

At the end of two weeks’ work, Sutton and Rhinehart judged all drawings and selected first place winners, David Fender and Wesley Mull; second place winners were Alex LaBree and Cody Lesieur.   Grading criteria included accuracy, neatness, and participation/effort.  All students, of course, received classroom credit for their work.

Sutton kept the project a secret from Mike & Susan Sorrells, and when all drawings were finished, he presented the plans in Rhinehart’s Drafting classroom to a surprised and very grateful Mike Sorrells.

“Daniel is so supportive of what we do here in E-Building, and I am fortunate and honored that he has included my students in many of his projects.  I think it’s important that students see how a project goes from a sketch to a final drawing to the actual building.  Hopefully, the Sorrells will enjoy their deck,” said Rhinehart.

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