Tuscola JROTC present Cadet Corps briefing

Feb 09, 2017
Photo by: Donated From left are Lt. Col. Kevin Sutton, Cadets 2nd Lt. Mayra Rios, Staff Sgt. Aaleigh Cagle, 2nd Lt. Jack Leslie and Lt. Col. Joy Kelley

On Tuesday, Jan. 24, Tuscola Air Force Junior ROTC cadets presented their eighth annual NC-075 State of the Cadet-Corps’ briefing to the town of Waynesville’s Board of Aldermen.

Cadet Corps commander C/Lt. Col. Joy Kelley, along with three other cadets — C/2nd Lt. Jack Leslie, C/2nd Lt. Mayra Rios and C/Staff Sgt. Aaleiah Cagle — presented the briefing, which culminated with applause.

Air Force JROTC requires each unit to have their cadets plan, design, practice and deliver their unit briefing during their annual higher-headquarters inspection. The unit briefing is one way for cadets to essentially show case all their hard work.

“AFJROTC curriculum is designed for students to plan and lead all the activities and events,” said Senior Master Sgt. Steve Robertson, assistant aerospace science instructors. “So presenting their unit briefing usually comes easy when you have lots of examples to illustrate your hard work and effort, especially community service.”

Tuscola’s Cadet Corps has a long history of serving alongside numerous agencies in the community. From working with the town of Waynesville, Haywood County Chamber of Commerce, Folkmoot, and, most recently, the Waynesville Salvation Army, cadets keep the calendar full.

“I know our cadets really enjoy coming each year to tell their story to the town of Waynesville,” said Robertson.

Highlights of the briefing included examples of the more than 150 community service events performed during the first semester, amounting to nearly 1,200 community service hours.

“We’re very proud to be a part of this community and our Cadet Corps family looks forward to presenting the briefing as it details our accomplishments especially in community service events,” said Lt. Col. Kevin Sutton, senior aerospace science instructor.

Waynesville Mayor Gavin Brown initiated this tradition when he began his service as mayor.

Mayor Brown’s response [to the briefing] shows his confidence in JROTC, especially in how it affords students opportunities to engage in their community,” said Sutton. “We share his confidence in knowing America’s future is a bright one.”

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