Tuscola’s drafting students complete architectural project

Jun 12, 2014
Photo by: Donated photo Pictured is Amber Garcia; Middle Row: from left Daniel Sutton, Jesse Ross, Vanessa Ly, Sydney Lankford, Logan Lambert, Ethan Rhinehart; Top Row: (L to R) Luke Shuping, Tim Barker, Tristan Ezell, Steven Huppe.

For the second year in a row, community member Daniel Sutton enlisted the help of Tuscola’s drafting department for a set of architectural plans.

Last year Ethan Rhinehart’s drafting class designed a semi-covered patio built for Michael Sorrells. This year it was a full set of plans that Sutton will use for a house on Hemphill. Students began work in early March when Sutton brought in a floor plan sketch of the 30 feet by 40 feet, one and a half story house with a finished day-lighted basement.

The Drafting III class was separated into five groups of two and for the next two and a half months they worked diligently every day for 50 minutes. Not only was their entire nine weeks grade based on this project but Sutton also offered a cash reward for the top finishers. After a couple weeks of working, Rhinehart organized a field trip to take all of his drafting students out to the house site in Mountain Lake Forest.

Measurements were taken for the house pad and solar orientation was taken into consideration.  After several weeks, when the floor plan was finalized in AutoCAD (drawing software), Sutton brought in elevation sketches and students began drawing the four exterior views.  This was probably the most challenging aspect of the whole project.

The third stage was drawing three interior elevations, two of the kitchen and one of the bathroom.  The final step was for the students to insert the site plan and print.  As the deadline grew closer students began to come in early, work during lunch and stay after school to finish their project.  Occasionally Sutton would drop in to check the progress or relay any changes or alterations that came from the home owner. At first the students got frustrated with these changes but later realized that it was all part of the process and they embraced it.

When the plans were complete Sutton and Rhinehart looked over every drawing carefully and based on effort, accuracy and design they placed each group.

In fifth place, was Tristan Ezell and Tim Barker; fourth place and an award of $25 went to Luke Shuping and Jesse Ross; third place and an award of $50 went to Steven Huppe and Logan Lambert; second place and an award of $75 went to Amber Garcia and Levi Birchfield; and the first place winner and $100 went to Sydney Lankford and Vanessa Ly.

"I would like to thank Daniel Sutton and the interest he shows in our vocational classes here at Tuscola," said Rhinehart. "Ge is definitely an asset to our school and community. It’s great when our students have opportunities like this; they can learn a lot. I am so proud of my ten Drafting III students. Every single group produced a set of plans that could be used to build this house and it was tough deciding on how they finished."

"It was a great opportunity to experience and learn about how much time and work goes into this kind of project," said Lankford.

"I learned a lot about construction and architecture through this project, and it was interesting," said Ly. "We worked for a long time and it was cool to see everything come together."

"The advancement from this project will help me pursue my career in architecture," said Garcia.

"It’s funny how the smallest detail can make the biggest difference," said Birchfield.

"I had a great time drawing these plans," said Huppe. "I wanted to win, but oh well, it was a great experience,."

"I enjoyed working on this project because the finished product had a real world application," said Lambert. "Taking home third was probably the proudest moment of my life."

"I enjoyed having a real life assignment instead of just making up a floor plan," said Shuping.

"My favorite part of this was actually going to the site and being able to visualize how much work would be going into just preparing the place for construction,” said Ross.

"A learning experience I will never forget," said Ezell.

"I found the elevations a fun and difficult challenge," said Barker.

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