Tuscola, Waynesville band students unite for Tuscola Band Day

Feb 14, 2017

On Thursday, Feb. 9, band students from Tuscola High School and Waynesville Middle School met for the inaugural Tuscola Band Day. Students rehearsed in a combined band throughout the day leading up to a concert that evening.

Students were able to work with high school directors Tim Wise and Dillon Ingle as well as middle school directors Adam Stewart and Jaime Graeber. The students prepared music ranging from "Danny Boy" to an arrangement of music from the latest "Star Wars" movies.

The event was provided an opportunity to bring the two programs together — The middle school students were able to play with high schoolers, and the high school students were able to help the younger students.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to work together and push each other to perform some great music in a very short amount of time,” said Adam Steward, Waynesville Middle School band director.

Tuscola director, Tim Wise, is excited about the bands performing together.

“One of the great benefits of doing this event is that the middle school students get a chance to see what high school band is like before class registration begins," he said. "The students really have gotten to see that band is not just a middle school program or a high school program, but instead is one united program that grows from the time the students begin playing an instrument in sixth grade to the time the walk across the stage as graduating seniors.”

Combined, the Tuscola and Waynesville Middle School students had 29 students represented in All District Band and All Region Jazz Band. These two programs have experienced a great deal of success in the past and with the hard work by the students and directors the tradition is sure to continue.