Tweets from county commissioner meeting

By Vicki Hyatt | Dec 18, 2012

For readers who like their news quick and short, The Mountaineer has joined the world of Twitter, a way to post up to 140 letters and send it out to all those who are following The Mountaineer on Twitter, either through their computer or their mobile phone.

“Tweets” are sent out in real time, so if someone from The Mountaineer is at a meeting or an accident, for instance, reporters can provide instant updates as opposed to waiting to write and upload a story to our 24-7 website, or waiting until the next printed edition of our thrice-weekly newspaper.

Here is an example of what those following The Mountaineer on Twitter would have seen Monday between 5:30 and 6:30 p.m. as bursts of information from the Haywood County Board of Commission meeting.

• Buncombe lawyer told commissioners he would pursue all LEGAL means to fly Confederate flag on courthouse lawn as opposed to illegal means

• That doesn’t mean he won’t sue if the county doesn’t cave

• Commissioners were told tourism was flat — 0 change from past year

• In past, Maggie Valley generated 60 percent of tourism revenues. It was 56 percent inmost recent figures

• Haywood Community College is requesting nearly $70,000 in change orders in arts building construction. Already received state OK

• College has “beneficial occupancy” of building. Will move in over holidays.

• Commissioners requested full accounting of all change orders. Want to know who is responsible for problems so they can be made to pay

• Commissioners appointed James Carver, Lyndon Lowe, Beth Brown, Ben Glover and Rob Edwards to tourism board

To get tweets such as these, open a Twitter account, which can be downloaded for free, or if you have an account follow us here: @mountaineerinfo

Then track the full story online at or in the next printed edition.