Two miracles performed in one prayer service

By Don Zander | Dec 22, 2013
Don Zander

On Nov. 16, 2013, my wife and I attended a church healing service in Greenville, North Carolina. We lead a charismatic prayer group at St. Margaret Catholic Church in Maggie Valley and brought 12 members with us.

The service was lead by Damian Stayne, a Catholic lay evangelist with a gift of healing. He leads a Christian covenant community in London, England, and he can be found on the web.

We were participating as leaders praying over people in the church. During the service Damian prayed over people to be healed with shoulder problems and I felt my shoulder muscles were instantly healed. The pain left and I could rotate my left arm 360 degrees. I praised God. I had torn my rotating cuff muscles on July 20 this year working out in the yard.

My wife and I had prayed over about 30 people and some said they thought they were healed. When the service was done, I asked a friend Mark Wilby from the Alleluia Christian Community in Augusta, Georgia, to pray over me for some health issues.

In 1987 I had been robbed at gunpoint in my home in Clearwater, Florida, thus causing chronic insomnia since that awful experience. When I was prayed over, I had a healing that night and my insomnia left.  I can sleep peacefully at night again. I praise God for these healings because only Jesus Christ can heal us.


Don Zander lives in Maggie Valley.