Under the Dome episode 10

By Max Maier | Aug 29, 2013

Last week's pleasant surprise of an episode kept a pleasant trend into this week. The drama keeps getting better and better, with many twists that are making this dome worth viewing. There's another big death, the egg is causing more controversy and Junior is still nuts.


Max has established a presence under the dome past Barbie and Jim, she has created a Fight Club-like underground arena for all of the citizens to come down and fight or bet on the lives of others. Now granted, it's not to the death, but it's close. It is uncanny in similarities to the same situation from Walking Dead's season 3 arena, minus the zombies. Now, the main question from this, is how did Max set all of this up, complete with an economy of food and supplies used as barter, while we didn't meet her until last week? The real answer is a little sloppy writing, but storyline wise it doesn't add up. That nonsense and unoriginality aside, it's not that bad. We get to see Max force Barbie to fight another guy in a decent fight scene, it fun. Barbie also turns the tables of Max, while clearly wants Barbie...in other ways. Barbie cuts lose her reigns of control by confessing to Julia that he killed her husband. Julia takes it conveniently well, and this takes Max's leverage away from him.

Speaking of leverage, Jim frees himself from Max, in other ways. Jim tries to go undercover and find where Max lives under the dome. This takes him to a secluded house on its own little island, under the care of Max's mother. We learn that Max and her mom live out there to avoid the chaos of everybody else, in their mansion of a house, how convenient that was there. Max's mother explains to Jim, at gunpoint, that Max has explained everything to her how corrupt Jim is. Max's mom knows everything about Jim and Barbie, thus making her the leverage that Max had over our 2 "heroes." Jim takes her out for a boat ride, and they talk about things happening for a reason, and learning to just let them happen. Then, well, we won't be seeing the mom again. I can't spoil everything now. I will say, that this scene cements the evil in Jim. The look on his face was nothing short of menacing and demented. Jim is a threat, and we may be seeing where Junior gets his personality from.

Speaking of Junior, he was a mixed batch this week. He was doing solid being a police officer, stopping a criminal and trying to get into the fighting arena, but then when it came to his interactions with Angie, Joe and Norrie, he was a bit off. Joe gets furious at Junior for kidnapping Angie and goes to hit him, Junior puts him in a headlock and yells at them for going into the room with his mom's stuff. Seriously, it was ridiculous. However, with Junior's handprint, they tried to make it a twist but it's easy to see, they unlocked a big secret of the mini dome with egg. It answers some questions and creates more. It is VERY interesting where they go now with it because this has been built up, but we have more reveals to go.


Overall, Under the Dome has found its stride. The drama is very good, because we are getting to the root of the dome's mystery. It's a beautiful thing, because we are gaining more and more confusion, yet it is getting better with these past couple episodes. There are still some lower-tier characters that aren't as good. Mainly Julia and the other deputy who are learning about the old cop who died at the beginning of episode 1's involvement with Max suddenly is the only plot line going on. Also, the chubby dj tried to find the egg-dome, and got shocked from it and lost memory of doing it...in the first 15 minutes. It's little things like that, that really show that these characters are not in as much focus, and not as developed. Thusly, they are weak links. However, the main drama and characters were good this week, that's enough to get a thumbs up.

I give Under the Dome episode 10 a very pink 4 out of 10.