Under the Dome episode 11 review

By Max Maier | Sep 11, 2013

Folks, I apologize for the massive delay for the review of this episode, my job has had me pretty busy, but now I can gather my thoughts and share the good news of a show that is garnering suspense and intrigue.


This episode started with a bang! Quite literally!! After the fallout of Jim and Barbie dethroning Max from her power, Max strikes back and shoots Julia! WOAH. Also, Junior, Angie, Joe and Norrie crack open a secret of the egg, it shoots out pink stars that form constellations on the ceiling! (what?) Then they attempt to touch the dome at the same time and see a startling message. So, while the destined 4 search for answers, Jim and Barbie try to take down Max once and for all.


This episode was great on suspense with the Max storyline. Jim and Barbie were working together to take down this enemy, while we saw Jim descend into further madness. Max took out Barbie's love interest because she wants Barbie...in more ways than one, and she wanted to dethrone Jim of his power. I won't spoil it here, but Jim turns the tide in his favor, majorily, and Barbie is greatly affected by it. The confrontation scene between the 3 was great. you didn't know where it was going, and the payoff was certainly worth it. This was easily the best part of the episode.


Meanwhile, the 4 chosen ones dabble with the conflicts between themselves and what the dome wants from them. The dome threatened to destroy them all if Junior didn't co-operate. That pretty much sums up how bizarre this all is. The dome was practically communicating with these 4, and it's creating storms that can destroy them all, but then stop instantly when it "gets what it wants." This is a big nitpick I have right now with the show. We need to find out what the heck caused this dome, because it is very confusing. It is temperamental and destructive, like a teenager, but it is just an object that doesn't communicate in normal ways. This is a nitpick because this is the leading mystery behind the show, of course they are dragging it out. But still, DARN IT!

The dome sends a pretty startling message to the 4 wonderful people at the end of the episode, and it furthers how bizarre the dome situation is. Why does it want this? Why is it sending the message? What will happen when it is done? It is frustrating, but not in a horrible way.

This episode was mainly used to push these 2 plotlines forward, which honestly, is the way it should be. The main characters' plots moving forward, and the mystery of the dome progressing. While the acting still isn't quite what it could be, the story is picking up momentum and it is now quite satisfying to watch. I'm glad Under the Dome found its stride, now I look forward to it every week.


I give Under the Dome episode 11 a 4 out of 5.