Under the Dome episode 12 review

By Max Maier | Sep 11, 2013

Big Jim has officially gone from corrupted politician, to the big bad guy. Jim is no longer sneaky and suspicious, he is downright evil now, and the only ones that see it, are few and far between.


Spoilers from last week, after Jim killed Max, he was able to pin it on Barbie, because everybody in the town is very gullible. That's honestly the biggest reason. These people in Chester's Mill are some of the most gullible I've ever witnessed in TV. How quickly they turn on Barbie and listen to Jim, it's unrealistic, especially with how Jim has been acting. His other deputy should know better than this, it just makes her a minor character.

Jim's rampage captures Barbie, Norrie and Joe, but he lets the kids go. You can just see how forgone Jim is mentally. He is insane and pure evil now. And he is centrally the villain now, he is controlling the police, citizens and Junior, and he is affecting what is left of our good guys. He even learns about the egg and tries to seize it for himself, he even commits murder again in this episode.

He find out about the egg from the female DJ, Dodee, who up until this point has just been an annoying side character. Unfortunately she took a picture of the egg, and Jim saw it. Then, while they are both near the radio, they learn a bit of information from the military outside:

1. They know of the egg's existence and are trying to find it while flying around the dome.

2. They know Jim killed the reverend and do not trust him.

3. They know Barbie is on the inside, are keeping tabs on him and said he "is the only one with the skills to pull off this mission."

Oooooooook, so this dome is sentient, has the power to destroy, and the military knows of its inner workings. I know last review I picked at the dome's origin, but now it's just friggin ridiculous. How in the world does this add up?! We better get answers in the finale next week, because this is frustrating now. And, spoiler alert, Jim kills Dodee and burns the radio station down. Why? So no one discovers how evil he is, just like an evil person would.

Junior was actually pretty powerful this week. After the dome told Junior, Angie, Joe and Norrie that it wants Big Jim dead, he has been quite emotional, and trying to fight the urge to kill him. Junior tries to take down Barbie, but gets his butt handed to him (that was awesome.) Junior also tries to guard Julia from Barbie, but fails, and gets Jim mad at him.

We have a hot mess here by the end of the episode, Norrie, Joe and Angie have moved the egg to Joe's stoner friend's house, and the egg is pissed. It has red stars instead of pink now and is making screeching noises. Jim also has Barbie captive and his holding him in front of the town, and Barbie tells Jim, loudly, he is not guilty. The solicits for next week show Jim attempting to execute Barbie, and the dome is causing the skies to go black. This could be it folks.

I give Under the Dome episode 12 an ominous 4 out of 5