Under the Dome episode 3 review

By Max Maier | Jul 09, 2013

You know, I never thought this show could really get any worse, but I am left disappointedly surprised. The already unstellar cast is getting more depth, and what we are finding is best left kept under a dome away from the public.




After the whole town stopped the fire at the end of episode 2, a rogue cop went nuts and accidentally shoots another officer. Now in episode 3, we see the town's reaction towards the officer, which is pure hatred. Once he escapes custody, our political character, Big Jim and our rugged anti-hero gather other nameless citizens to hunt down the rogue cop. By the way, our rugged anti-hero character is named Barbie. Seriously? I talked about Stephen King sometimes not making sense, but, Barbie?

We also see our innocent, geeky lovable teenage guy (named Joe), open up a bit to the Goth daughter of the Lesbian mothers. Her name is Norrie, and the best part of this episode is the interaction between  these 2. Their interaction is cute, but standard teenage awkwardness. It is nothing new, but it is practically the only plot thread in this show that doesn't really lead to frustration. These 2 are also the only 2 characters so far that have had seizures that talk about "pink stars", and we get more from that.

Also, this show is not favorable about gay rights, on the surface. The Lesbian mothers are not getting a lot of depth, and they are still blatant compared to others in the town. And unfortunately we got the ignorant old men who take jabs at them for being gay. Really CBS? This is a proactive time, a country with a lot of people allowed to be proud of who they are, and you are going to not stick by these beliefs? I know Chester's Mill looked like an old-fashioned southern town, but these comments confirmed it. Very disappointing. These ignorant men are also the ones who help Barbie (ugh) and Big Jim hunt down the rogue cop, but they do nothing.

We also see our female reporter, Julia, dig a little deeper into people. She is helping our 2 radio broadcasters, and she is focusing on Junior, more on him later. We get some deep character development with her back story, but it is nothing spectacular. It is something though. Now we just have to wait till she finds the connection between Barbie (ugh) and her husband. That'll be fun.

Barbie and Jim "bond" a little bit on their hunting trip, stereotypically beating their chests to try and be manlier. It does not do much damage, but it is a little frustrating. Especially from Big Jim, he is becoming a bigger jerk as the show goes on. And there is no hint made in this episode as to his knowledge of what is going on with the dome. By the way, with the exception of Junior and Julia, nobody is taking interest in the Dome. You know, THE DOME THAT IS TRAPPING THEM. Seriously, these people are very calm for people who are trapped and running out of air and supplies. I hope everybody is this calm when an apocalypse hits.

Doesn't sound like that great of an episode so far, right? Well it gets worse... much worse.

Joe's house has a generator, so he has power. He is also alone in the house, because his parents are outside the dome, and his sister is trapped underground by Junior. Joe also has Norrie staying with her, it was a nice little set-up. So, Joe's best friend, Ben, the stoner-type, slacker ditz, starts letting every single teenager in this town stay at Joe's and use up his power, like a bunch of moochers. Ben went from an annoying stereotype, to a character I loathed seeing every time he was on screen. He is not a good friend, and he is ruining Joe's house, but Joe being the innocent kid won't get him to leave. Also, every teen in Chester's Mill is a stereotypical teenager of every bad degree. The girls are preppy, snobby, text all the time and are basically the girls everybody hated to go to school with. Very annoying. Worst of them are the guys. Sure we don't get any depth from a lot of them, they all seem to be average, stereotypical teens. However, we get, one of the most groan-worthy stereotypes of all time: the dumb, mean, ignorant jock bully guy who runs the show, hits on the good guy's girl and threatens the good guy's (Ben's) life. And of course, he had a relationship with Joe's sister, so having that under his belt makes him even more annoying. This guy follows the jock bully rulebook to the T, and his presence in this show makes it even worse.

But not worse than the worst character on this show, Junior. My God, it has been a long time since I have found a character I've hated so much. He is so unlikable, he is downright horrible. The kid is nuts, he is a liar, and he comes off as all of this, yet nobody ever says or does anything. Even if he is Big Jim's kid, don't you think somebody would say something? Barbie is the only one who sees it, besides the trapped girlfriend who gets no progress this week. It is a shame this show is giving so much attention to Junior, all I want him to do is go away. I don't know if this actor has done other things, but his portrayal of Jamie is an example of bad acting. If you had a powerful actor behind this character, maybe he wouldn't come off so annoying, but we are stuck with this. He is the worst part of this show.

However, we get a scene between Big Jim and Junior at the end of the episode, that gives a little insight to how possibly Junior got to this point. Big Jim is horrible to him, degrades him and makes him feel like a child. While we get developments into Junior, we grow to hate Big Jim even more. This scene was frustrating, but at least the show tried to add some depth.


As you've read, I am not enjoying this show. Yet, I will continue to watch it to see what the deal is with the dome. I hope Under the Dome can recover from this episode, because I can not really see it getting worse than this. We still have 10 episodes to go, hopefully we get more developments about the dome in the near future.


I give Under the Dome episode 3 a 0.5 out of 5.

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