Under the Dome episode 4 review

By Max Maier | Jul 16, 2013

Alright, while this show is not good, this episode got a little better, and has given this show a bit more momentum. While this isn't saying much, this episode is an improvement.


The main plot of this episode revolves around a disease pandemic that breaks out, getting several citizens sick. This sends Big Jim and Barbie (ugh) out to retrieve medicine. Also, the lesbian mothers stay in the hospital because one of them is a trained medical psychiatrist. They are actually further developed this episode, but not by much. Junior is left to guard the hospital to keep all of the sick patients inside, while Julia goes to investigate her husband's disappearance. Also, we see more development between Norrie and Joe in the hospital.

That is a lot going on for one episode, but it doesn't come off too cluttered. The pacing is pretty decent this time around, we even get people talking about the dome as well. I can't believe I have to mention as a positive improvement that these people are talking about the dome more, but it is. Now granted, everybody is still way too calm about the situation and it took till the episode for 1 person to even consider that the dome might be there forever. These people should be panicking or at least be more scared about their predicament. It's incredibly unrealistic, yes this is fiction, but this part is distractingly off. Also, the resolution with the disease is far too easily reached in my opinion.

Big Jim and Barbie's journey for medicine takes a turn when they confront the preacher about the medicine. The preacher has turned from sneaky bad guy into annoying bible-thumper bad guy. In the beginning it seemed like Big Jim and the preacher were in cahoots, but now it looks like Big Jim is against the preacher. It is very confusing and the preacher is an even worse character now. It's not the fact that he brings religion into the situation, that is expected and welcomed, but it his approach and methods that make it bad. Also, we get a great reveal in the closing moments of this episode with Big Jim realizing Junior's activities lately. This was the best part of the episode, and hopefully we see positive ramifications next week.

Speaking of Big Jim moments, he gives Junior a shotgun and tells him nobody can leave the hospital. Junior with a shotgun, this sounds like the setup for a bad horror movie. However, it isn't completely bad. Junior, while completely not believable to us, convinces the people at the hospital to please cooperate and he is one of them. This is a surprisingly strong moment, yet Junior is still a friggin psychopath, so we can't grow to like him. His moment with his girlfriend this week still makes us loathe how nuts he is. However, considering how great he did at the hospital, Big Jim deputizes him. WHAT. THE. FISHSTICK. Junior now gets a badge and a gun. This will not end well at all.

Joe and Norrie start to learn more about their seizures, which they have confirmed happens whenever they touch. Stinks for Norrie who clearly is...interested...in Joe. However, why was she taking so many useless photos with her phone during the scene? It was distracting and annoying. Joe also, FINALLY asks Junior if he has seen his sister. It only took 4 episodes, but Joe finally acknowledged he has a missing sister. That is so bizarre, kind of a flaw in my opinion.

Julia finally gets to a conclusion with her husband involving Barbie. The conflict is quiet, yet strong. However, Julia screwed up big this week. She had the disease that was going around in this episode, and she heard everyone who was sick had to stay inside because they don't want the air polluted, since they are not getting any fresh air. So what does she do when Junior gives her a clue about her problem? SHE BREAKS OUT OF THE HOSPITAL. She was completely willing to endanger every single person in the dome, including possibly her husband to her, just to go find an old shack where her husband may have been spotted. This is so completely moronic of her and comes off very frustrating.

So overall, while some of the people are still having some pretty stupid moments, and nobody is really grasping the situation like they should, and Junior is still a horrible character, we are seeing a little improvement in this episode. Some plot threads are actually progressing, and we are getting more actually dialogue about the dome. Like I've said before, I'm still watching to see what is going on about the dome and why it is there. Hopefully we more soon.


I give Under the Dome episode 4 a hopeful 2 out of 5.

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