Under the dome episode 5 review

By Max Maier | Jul 23, 2013

Folks, this episode improved on this show. By no means is this a good show yet, but there is improvement that is worth complimenting. The characters that suck still suck, the dome is still around, and we are getting more development about it, which is what we want.
So the DJ's of the town, by pure coincidence, hear through their radio a blurry transmission from the news that they will fire a M.O.A.B. (mother of all bombs) at the dome. The citizens take shelter underground, yet there is chaos on the surface above. Then many buses show up outside the dome, with the loved ones of those trapped, to see each other.
This reuniting moment is a powerful moment for this show. Since these moments are in pure silence between the parties because of the dome, the emotion has to come from the facial expressions, and they work. You feel for these people. Barbie's, sudden, conclusion about the visits is kind of odd, because this is before they know about the missile. The scene works though.
Joe and Norrie run around the town looking for Joe's sister, because they want to save her before the missile. Barbie and Julia go looking for them, because Norrie's mothers are worried about her. There is a big revelation in this episode between Norrie and her mothers, and it is a realistic response. In all honesty, Norrie's hostility towards her mothers seemed a little overboard, but we are 5 episodes in, and we have seen nothing that defends the mothers. These characters need more depth, because I think it is there.
Joe's sister finally got out, after Big Jim kept her in there for several hours, while Big Jim wrapped his head around what new deputy Junior had done. Ok, I will admit, I was furious until Big Jim actually let her out. I called it last week that Jim would keep her trapped, fortunately they didn't keep the pattern. So Jim freed her, confronted Junior and realizes something must be done about him, and the biggest part: his confrontation with the priest. This character has become increasingly annoying, and Jim rectifies the priests mistakes and honestly, makes a great change for the show. While it is in no way a show-saver, it is great, and Jim gets points for this.
Joe and Norrie have a great moment too in the episode's final moments, which I cannot spoil till next week. These 2 are my favorite characters of the show, because they are the only 2 characters I like. They're odd seizures tie to the dome somehow, and their romance is cute teen romance, it's likable. The characters that aren't that great don't change though, and Julia is become a little more unlikable. She hasn't done anything bad since last episode, but her presence is just a little annoying.
And Junior is in the running for worst/most-annoying character in TV history. Even more than Andrea in the Walking Dead. At least in that show, Andrea was a well-acted character, there is no redeeming quality about this character. I know I rag too much on Junior, but he is an anchor that weighs this show down from being decent. If Junior were gone, I could probably enjoy this show a little bit. He is a big barrier for the enjoyment, and the show would be better off without him.

So, while there are improvements, the bad stuff is still bad. It's a shame, I'm going to keep watching this show for the dome, and the episode's closing moments are a pretty good cliffhanger, but I wish it were an enjoyable show so I had entertainment and good mystery. Unfortunately Under the Dome is still below the line, but I know the potential is there, there are just some bugs that have to be  fixed.

I give Under the Dome episode 5 a 2.5 out of 5.