Under the Dome episode 6

By Max Maier | Aug 05, 2013

Sorry for the delay of this review, I've been on vacation and was only just able to watch this episode.

You know, there is only so much stupidity and annoyance I can withstand before a show becomes so bad. When the characters make so many stupid decisions, become so unrealistic, become so frustrating, it becomes an un-enjoyable experience. We are reaching the limit.

The episode opens up with the lesbian couple, as one of them is suffering from their diabetes, causing a truck to crash and destroy the town's water supply. Finally people are starting to snap and cause riots. Stealing, assaulting and doing whatever it takes to get what they want of supplies. Angie FINALLY finds other people other than her captor, Junior. Then, amongst all of the chaos, it starts to rain inside the dome. Norrie and Joe also find out they are...indeed.....signals. Let's begin.

When the woman caused the water problem, the civilians panic over losing water. Yes, that is understandable, but the script left out something. THEY WOULD HAVE MUTILATED HER!!! You're telling me not 1 person got angry about the woman who caused the outage? Seems a bit much. However, the mother's condition sends Norrie out with Joe to steal Insulin from other people fortunate enough to stock up on it. What happens? They are threatened by 1, and can't take away from a child. what were they expecting to happen?! To walk up to someone and have them say "Sure! Here is the last of the medication keeping me alive!" But of course they get enough to stabilize the mother.
However, a new "revelation", Julia believes the dome is "using" Norrie and Joe to help us or warn us, as if the dome is a living entity. WHAT. I mentioned in my first review how bizarre Stephen King is, but holy crap.

Speaking of ridiculousness: Angie, the girl who was kidnapped by Junior, then Big Jim held her, then Jim let her go, then Junior recaptured her, then Angie actually found people, told another woman about Junior, then the woman is gone, then boys try to harm Angie, Barbie rescues her, Barbie GIVES HER TO JIM. I groaned so many times watching these moments because it was so ridiculous to watch. Jim and Angie's moment at the end is...interesting. If Jim keeps his word, it could be interesting, but the end of the episode leaves a big cliffhanger with this development.

Then of course, it starts raining in the dome, which seems like a bit of a stretch, but not compared to the events of this show. And this rain, caused all of the citizens at each other's throats willing to kill each other over an Aquafina, join in hands and become friendly and help each other out in the rain. In a peaceful tranquility. I shouldn't have to make a comment on how stupid this really is.

Ok, this was another bad episode, in the shades of episode 3. Angie is a bad luck magnet to horrible proportions, Junior is still alive and in this show, and the rain cause peace amongst the chaos. To make matters worse, the preview for episode 7 is hinting at the dome affecting a pregnant woman's baby. Are we really about to see an alien mutant baby?

I give Under the Dome episode 6 a hesitant 1 out of 5.