Under the Dome episode 7

By Max Maier | Aug 06, 2013

Alright Under the Dome, you caught me by surprise. We get several, good plot developments that are going to shake up everything. Yes folks, I said it, good developments. Yet, we still haven't nailed everything to make it a great episode.

Now, many dramatic tv shows will use the plotline of: established character has a long-time friend who we don't meet until this episode and she is of course far into her pregnancy. Drama ensues. It is a tired storyline, but we use it as fuel for this episode. Julia's friend shows up, out of nowhere, and explains how she can't do it without her husband, a man in the military outside the dome. She walks outside and sees her husband, she walks to him to touch him, but it turns out it was the dome! Yes folks, the dome is causing people to see things...because...Stephen King. The electric shock stuns the woman and makes her water break. She goes into labor.

Alice, the lesbian mother/doctor who I have mentioned, and who has become more prominent, starts to try and deliver the baby. Barbie, Norrie and Joe get involved in the whole debacle.

But before that, several things go down in the town. Big Jim, who I loved after this episode, kept his word from the last episode of protecting Angie from Junior. Big Jim even gives Junior a taste of his own medicine. Showing him he will not take his crap, telling him he knows he is nuts, and even gives him a well deserved slap to the face. It was a great scene.
We also get big developments from Jim's father, who was introduced last episode. Dear old daddy has the propane and natural foods that he farms himself. Jim tries to ask him to spread it around the town. Dad says he will, for Jim's seat of power. Dad is in charge now. But, will Jim take this lying down?

Joe and Norrie also get an idea to look for the center of the dome, seeing if anything would be there. Low and behold they do find something, and it is very interesting. I won't spoil it to next week, but it is bringing up something big and answering some questions, while creating new ones.

Meanwhile, Junior and the other deputy go after the Dundee boys, the ones who harmed Angie in the last episode. The scene, while kind of tense, was weak because these boys are so new, we didn't get anytime to fear them or gain sympathy, they are just nuts. Just like Junior, who, showed us how unstable he is. And I still hate him.

The show's final moments bring a lot of developments, including our dome center, the baby who was sent into labor a month early because of the dome, the reuniting of Joe and Angie (finally!!) and we lose another main character. Bigger than the reverend. And this death was very sad, and shocking. I did not see it coming, and we will see ramifications from it.

Side note: It is very odd that everybody is suggesting and thinking the dome has a mind of its own and is almost a diety-like being that watches over everyone. Where did these thought patterns come from?

Overall, we have, a decent episode of Under the Dome. Maybe next week will be a good episode! (long shot). We have good plot developments, even if the cast is still pretty weak. Though, Big Jim was great this week. Next week promises big things, lets see what happens UNDER THE DOME!!!


I give Under the Dome episode 7 a hopeful 3 out of 5