Under the Dome episode 8

By Max Maier | Aug 13, 2013

It has finally happened folks....we have a good episode of Under the Dome. I know!!! It's crazy to contemplate that it would happen, but it has happened. While it is nowhere near perfect, we see some improvement in some needed places, and we are nearing an explanation to what is going on with the dome.

Jim's dad, Ollie, has made it clear to Jim that he will control the water, and the town will flock to him because of this. Jim tries to confront him with his deputies, but Ollie's 10 jerks with guns (how convenient there were plenty of those under the dome.), shot 1 in the knee and Jim's forces had to retreat. Jim rallies more people in the town to go after Ollie's well. Jim confronts Junior and tells him to leave the house because his son is now dead to him. So, Junior turns to Ollie's side. Ollie tells Junior that Jim lied to him about the means of the death of Junior's mother, and now Junior wants his father's blood.  Barbie tells Jim that according to an old map of the town, if Ollie's well is destroyed, then the other wells in town will receive water and the town will be in better shape.

Meanwhile, there is a food shortage apparently, yet nobody cares. Seriously, these people rioted 2 weeks ago for lesser issues. Now with small portions of food, nobody cares? That doesn't add up. Also, Joe tries to comfort Norrie about her mother, but Norrie has a fluctuation of emotions this week, with her conversations with Joe and Angie. Also, Joe takes Julia to the center of the dome they discovered, and a new mystery twist has arisen.


Big Jim was the star this week. And after the events of this week, I think we can finally conclude that Jim has lost his mind. He yells at Junior and throws him out of the house, is willing to engage his father in practical war over the water, putting many civilians in danger, and the fallout of the war this episode sets a whole new status quo and reveals new motivations for Jim, and a hint at Jim knowing about the dome. To me, Jim is the key to this show's drama. He controls Junior, he confronts Ollie, and he is the only one alive who may know about the dome's origins. He had several strong moments this week, and they not only moved the plot forward, but they were well done too. Kudos to Jim this week.

Kudos also go to..wait for it... JUNIOR. I know! I mean, I still hate this guy, but this week, he started to redeem himself. I won't spoil what he does, but it is awesome, jaw-dropping and more than welcomed considering the plot. Well done Junior, it may be a long road to likeability, but he has started.

Barbie tried to lookout for the town in this episode about blowing up the well, but Jim said it may contaminate the water. This is a very good point, that Barbie completely overlooks. That seems very jerky of him. Also, he makes it clear that he doesn't agree with Jim and he is on to him. I'm glad to see this tension again, because it is very good drama.

Norrie, while completely understandable considering the loss of her mother, was annoying this week. Yes I know she is supposed to be mourning, but it could've been handled better. She has a very touching scene with Angie this week, that ends in tears. Honestly, it was one of the best scenes of the season. It was powerful, and harkens to events at the beginning of the season. Powerful stuff.

Joe and Julia have ok development this week, even if Julia is a little annoying. Now Julia knows about the dome's center, black and pink egg and all. She touches it, and sees an illusion of Joe say "The Monarch will be crowned." This leads to a HUGE plot twist at the very end, and it is a great twist. It is one of those twists that make you want to watch every other episode to see if you can spot it, because this is big. While very confusing, I hope the payoff for this is big.

Overall, we finally have a good episode of Under the Dome. While I wish the character development were improved more and the citizens would be realistic for once, the story is moving along nicely now and we are getting a good stride of pacing for the show. I hope Under the Dome keeps the pace or even ramps it up, because we could see great things from this show. I just hope it doesn't stink again.

I give Under the Dome episode 8 a hopeful 3.5 out of 5