Under the Dome episode 9

By Max Maier | Aug 25, 2013

Folks, we have it, we finally have a great episode of Under the Dome. I KNOW! I didn't see it coming. Maybe Under the Dome has finally found it's stride as a show, because we are seeing great things. Sure, there are faults, but they don't bog the show down anymore.


This episode sees a new player, Max, a mysterious female character with ties to Big Jim and Barbie, make a power play for control of the goings on in Chester's Mill. Her reigns are deep into these characters, what she does next is a mystery. We also see Joe, Norrie and Angie continue to pursue the mystery of the black egg found at the center of the dome. It's doing some really strange things, and Angie is possibly learning about her ties to the dome's warning last week with: :The Monarch will be crowned." Also, we see Junior FINALLY reveal some info from his past, and explain his possible ties to what is going on.

The best part about this episode is that we are finally seeing some answers and explanations about goings on with the dome. We are left with more questions than answers technically, but we are moving along plot development about what the dome is doing, and that this may be years in the making. Angie, Junior, Joe and Norrie are tied to the dome somehow, we just don't know exactly what it is, but it is the simple fact that we are getting more plot involving that dome that makes this engaging television. The dome is the reason the show was created, it's nice to see it realized.

Junior was good this week. Yes, Junior was good this week....mostly. He wasn't his annoyingly insane self this week. Yes, he is nuts, but he opened up to Angie about his past, his Maternal troubles and woes, and a very interesting thing from his past that connects him to the dome. It's nice to see the script actually progress Junior's problems, as apposed to him just being annoying. Granted, at the end of opening up to Angie, he gets pretty stupid again, but overall he was great.

Joe and Norrie's progression this episode wasn't that expansive, but Angie's awareness about something Joe did was pretty unbelievable and dumb. Shockingly dumb for Angie, it wasn't too bad though. At the end of the episode, the trio discover something new about the egg and that someone is missing to help unlock the secrets. Based on what I've said so far in this review....take a guess who it is.

Lastly, Max as a character is not too interesting, but her ties to Jim and Barbie are. Not only does she provide actually back story explanation about Barbie, but she reveals something big Jim is involved in. This could be the thing Jim has been hiding from the town this whole season, and why he killed the preacher. That we are not sure of yet, but it reveals some secrets Jim has been hiding. So Max herself is not a great character as of yet, but her presence has unlocked some very interesting plot points for 2 of this show's biggest players. However, where has she been this whole time? They loosely cover it up, but it is still sloppy.


Overall, this was a great episode. Sure there were some minor things were bad, but the overall episode was great. No character was overly annoying, the plot involving the dome progressed greatly, and Jim and Barbie's stories are advancing greatly now. The mystery of the dome is slowly starting to reveal itself, and the show has finally become watchable, just in time to learn its secrets. If next week's episode can tighten its loose ends, we will have a stellar show on our hands.


I give Under the Dome episode 9 a egg-cellent 4 out of 5.

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