Under the Dome episodes 1 & 2 review

By Max Maier | Jul 02, 2013

Finally, a big tv show that has just started, so I can talk about it. So here we have Under the Dome, a tv show based on the book of the same name written by Stephen King. Stephen King is a legend of literature, and many of his works have become movies. So you would imagine the show would given alot of attention to detail, and it does thanks to Steven Spielberg. There are alot of big effects that really show Spielberg's involvement, although I wouldn't call them necessary.

Also, a forewarning, children should not watch this show. There is a decent amount of violence, including limb loss, severing cows in half and having to look at their insides, and plenty of shooting. So again, this show is not for kids, but it is nothing compared to shows like The Following.


The premise is pretty simple, yet mysterious. The story takes place in a small city in the USA named Chester's Mill. It is your typical little community town that doesn't have much in detail but has the essential buildings for survival. It is a very bland city that looks like a million other cities we have seen in other shows and movies. Think Smallville from Superman's universe, but blander, so far.

When one day, out of nowhere, a giant glass dome seals off the whole city from the rest of the world. Before I continue, anybody watching this has to remember that Stephen King is not known for logic in his storylines. He is a brilliant man and incredibly creative, but his storylines are often baffling and make little sense as far as plot development. This is not a bad thing persay, but if you are looking for a by-the-books simple story with clear direction and plot, don't watch this show.

This dome, which the cast doesn't figure out is a dome until episode 2, is electrified to the touch, sometimes. When it first comes down, when some people touch it, it shocks them, non fatally. Then some people touch it and are fine, vehicles crash into it but no electricity, the half of the cow (ew) stuck to the dome gets no electricity. It is plot holes like this that may bug people. Also, water can get through the dome, in tiny little amounts that are barely usable. Not explained really. So far, this dome is indestructible to everything, so there is that. In episode 2, some of the characters hear a fleeting radio broadcast that confirms for them it is a dome.

Now, here, for me, is a big problem with the show's plot: In episode 1, an older lady tells our female news reporter character that she has noticed alot of trucks bringing in a large amount of fuel tanks, an obscene amount. The older lady says she called the cops, and said the cops sounded scared when they said it is above their power to investigate. That is a sign to GET. OUT. I'm sorry, if I saw these things going on, I'd at least gather my important personal belongings and visit some family for awhile, because something is going down. Nobody gets the message in this town, except The political figure played by Dean Norris (more later) and the reverend, whom both seem like they know exactly what is going on in this conspiracy. The logic displayed by the cast isn't always on the ball, and it shows.

However, the reason to watch, is the mystery. The political guy and reverend know what is going on. There is a big conspiracy going on here, I'm dying to know why this is going on. Now, there is a big confusing part of this whole thing. Obviously because these 2 characters are involved with what is going on, it has to be government related or military related. On the same fleeting radio broadcast in episode 2, it is said on the news that the government doesn't know what the dome is. These people completely believe that the news is telling the truth about the government. Why would the government admit they know what it is and why they are doing it to the public? it would cause mass hysteria and problems, so of course they are gonna play the "I don't know" card. I hope our cast of characters do not continue this trend. Now, the worst part of this show: the cast.


I know I have complained alot about this show, (not a good sign), but this is the worst part. The cast, while not....horribly acted, is just not interesting and not memorable. And as far as likeability with these characters, they range from "eh they are ok" to "Dear God, please let Rick from The Walking Dead please come and get rid of this character!" Most characters are bland and uninteresting, or bland and frustrating. There are also alot of stereotypes amongst this cast. We have our "anti-hero" the rugged, keeps to himself good guy who acts badass. We have seen him before. We have our independent and strong working news reporter (we just saw her as Lois Lane), and she is not that developed. However there is a development between these two that will inevitably lead to a misunderstanding argument and conflict.

We also have the nerdy, nice boy that befriends the anti-hero and is so over-the-top innocent that you have to love him, yet not really. Then he has the goofy, dumb, school drop-out best friend who is in every high school movie/show. There are some cops, the older and experienced casual guy, the younger woman partner with a fiance outside the dome. By the way, the entire fire department amd half the police left the city right before the dome dropped. Go figure, adds to the conspiracy theory as well.

There is also a lesbian couple with their rebelleous and troubled daughter passing through the city and get trapped. I don't know why, but their outfits are bothering to me. When you think of lesbians in real life, they are people like us. They don't always stick out like sore thumbs with their clothes and appearances, but in this show they do. Their outfits are really over the top, while everybody else dresses quite tame. They stand out badly, and they are the only gay characters in the show, this just seems like a bad thing that sticks out to me, sending the wrong message. Their daughter, dresses badly too, but she is a rebelleous teen that we have seen 100,000 times before, so her wardrobe isn't too offending. Also, the daughter and the nerdy boy have a seizure and start speaking prophecy about pink stars falling from the sky.


Then you have a completely psycho boy, named Junior, who traps his girlfriend in his underground bomb-shelter because she has "changed on him." He also picks a fight with our anti-hero because he talked to his girlfriend. He goes for him with a knife, but our anti-hero kicks his butt. Honestly, if this hour long show was just anti-hero punching junior over and over again, it would get a 5 out of 5 for me. You absolutely hate this kid, by the end of episode 1! We get hardly any character development from any character in this show, and Junior's change into psychotic is very sudden and you will absolutely hate him! and get this, he is the son of the political guy i mentioned earlier. OF COURSE HE IS. I literally groaned at that part.


Ok, so I've done alot of complaining about this show, but I will continue to watch it. Why? Because I am hooked to see the mystery behind the dome. The only real interesting part of this show is the political guy and the reverend, not because they are interesting characters, but because they know about the dome and what is going on. Because the dome and its origin is the most interesting part of the show, and why you will watch it. It is such a shame that the cast is so bland and boring though. There are alot of other characters that are worked into the plot, but everybody is so forgettable and bland, that is mainly why I didn't bother naming everybody off in this review. Nobody is really important or interesting yet. I hope the show starts developing these characters and giving us a meatier show to dig our teeth into, because at this rate, as soon as we learn about why the dome is there, I'll lose interest. Here is hoping this show makes a big turn around, because I'm gonna keep watching for the dome.


Go dome.


I give Under the Dome episode 1 a bland 2 out of 5

and i give episode 2 a 1.5 out of 5.

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