Under the Dome season 1 finale

By Max Maier | Sep 22, 2013

Sorry for the delay folks, work has been quite busy, and I wanted to give this review the dedication it deserves, so let's dive in.

As I may have mentioned in a review before, if not, you'll know now, Under the Dome was given a second season back in July. So, we knew going in that the show was not going to end. That said, this finale answered several questions, but many more have arisen.

The Governor *cough*, I'm sorry, Big Jim, wants Barbie dead because he threatens his control over Chester's Mill. Barbie escapes his clutches thanks to the awakened Julia and Angie, and they reunite with Joe and Norrie. But, before they got together, Joe and Norrie had to get Jim's deputy off their case because she was going to confiscate the little dome. Speaking of the little dome, inside, it had a cocoon inside of it, and a butterfly emerged from it. The butterfly tries to escape, but everytime it hits the inside of the little dome, black smudges appear, blackening the little dome and the outside dome, sending the town into darkness. So, our heroes have to solve the mystery of the little dome, and Barbie must stop Jim's control.

Barbie does escape Jim's clutches, but ends up back in them. It's not that frustrating, because by now, we know Barbie could take down every single person in that dome with one shoe. He does it to protect a very important character to the plot. Barbie better rip Jim apart next season.

Jim for this whole season has been the villain no one can touch. He is a political figure with too many gullible people backing him. This episode, people actually starting growing a set and calling Jim on his claims. People are starting to question Jim. So what does Jim do? Announce he is going to hang Barbie to show all he means business. Jim also has a strong scene with Junior this week, who is officially under Jim's belt. Junior is a daddy's boy once again. Also, the female deputy who works for Jim. I don't know her name. She doesn't deserve to have her name remembered because all she is is a tool for corrupt politicians or police figures. The sheriff who died in the first episode was her mentor, and he sold crack. Now she blindly follows Jim, and she doesn't question anything based on the past experiences of this season. She is an idiot who just stupidly follows the villain like a tool. I will call her Tool.

Now for the biggest aspect of this episode, the dome. When the dome blackens, Joe, Norrie, Joe's stoner friend and Tool see it. Tool keeps telling them it belongs to Jim now, and they tell her to take it with her. She goes to touch it, and it knocks her out, sending her flying. I stood up and applauded that moment. So, our heroes escape with the dome and gather their people. Now, Barbie, Julia, Joe, Norrie and Angie try to figure out what to do. Touching the little dome works again, and the little dome shatters. The egg lays in place, and the butterfly reveals the monarch. It's actually quite shocking who it is, because they make you believe it's someone else.

Lastly, a little light has been shed on what has caused the dome. I'd say I called it, which I did, but it's really the only explanation possible. It's not hard to figure out, but I'm glad we finally have some clarification. But, this revelation has raised further questions, but in a specified direction. So that's great to finally see.

Overall, I think this was a good finale. Even though there are a TON of questions to answer, that's what makes good drama. The only thing I'd say needs fixing is the acting. This show's acting is below average, there is no stand out acting, but it's not awful. If they can amp up the performances, we would have a great show here. We have a good show, with good drama and some GREAT cliffhangers. Let's just get some great acting here!
Well, this season was proof you can go from pure garbage to interesting drama. Be here when season 2 premieres!

I give Under the Dome season 1 finale a darkening 4 out of 5