Upcoming parent education programs

By Haywood Regional Medical Center | Mar 13, 2017
Photo by: HRMC Stock Photo

CLYDE — Having a baby is an exciting event and the Haywood Regional Medical Center (HRMC) parent education program aims to educate and prepare expectant parents, family members and siblings on how to welcome a new baby into a family.

While every class subject varies, the overall goal is to provide you and your loved ones with information on how to prepare for childbirth, make informed decisions and aid in education and support before and after a delivery. These classes include:

  • Preparation for Childbirth is taught by a certified childbirth educator and prepares a new expectant mother with the facts about labor and delivery. This includes both information and techniques on how to handle the labor process such as relaxation, breathing and positioning methods. This class also touches on what to expect while actually at the hospital including the different types of delivery methods, medications, and more. This class is a four week series and will be held on Thursdays from 7-9 p.m. on March 30 - April 20, June 1 - June 22, Aug. 3 – Aug. 24, and Oct. 12 – Nov. 2. This series should be started by the seventh month of pregnancy.
  • Your Amazing Newborn focuses on the remarkable abilities, physical appearance, behavior and reflexes of your new baby. Daily care techniques will be demonstrated and you will gain the knowledge of developmental stages and achievements. HRMC believes a new parent is the most important role as a baby’s first teacher. Your amazing newborn is a onetime class that will be on Thursdays from 7-9 p.m. on May 4, Sept. 7, and Nov. 16.
  • Breastfeeding A-Z is taught by one of HRMC’s Board Certified Lactation Consultants and provides information about the importance of breastfeeding to babies and their families. You will learn about techniques for proper latching and positions for a comfortable baby and mom to get started, and have a successful nursing experience. Combining breastfeeding with pumping and returning to work or school is also introduced in this class. Breastfeeding A-Z is a onetime class being held on Thursdays from 7-9 p.m. on, April 27, June 29, Aug. 31, and Nov. 9. Expectant mothers should attend this class one to three months before their due date.
  • Big Brother/Big Sister is a one-evening preparation class for children who are about to greet a new baby into their family. This class is suitable for children 3-10. Please call the office to schedule your visit at 828.452.8440.
  • Mothers Connection is an on-going social gathering for mothers and their babies to come and share their joys, frustrations, questions and concerns as they make new friendships and receive positive support for their role as a mother. The mother’s connection is held on Thursdays from 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m., excluding holidays and welcomes any new moms in our community. This class is free to anyone.

Pre-registration is required for each class, excluding Mothers Connection. Classes are free for those delivering at Haywood Regional.  If not delivering at HRMC, class fees vary.

For more information, pricing or questions visit MyHaywoodRegional.com/ParentClasses or call 828-452-8440.