Urgent Care to be open seven days a week

Sep 13, 2012

To provide greater access to care for people experiencing non-life-threatening illnesses or injuries and to help the hospital emergency departments provide care more efficiently, all three of MedWest Health System’s regional Urgent Care Centers will be open seven days a week, effective Sunday, Sept. 16.

Currently, the MedWest Urgent Care Center-Sylva and the MedWest Urgent Care Center-Canton are open every day. Starting Sunday, Sept. 16, the MedWest Urgent Care Center-West in Waynesville will be open every Sunday, making it open seven days a week, as well.

With this additional day of access to care, all of the MedWest Urgent Care Centers will be open for patients from 8 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., seven days a week.

“Opening on Sundays at all three Urgent Cares will help with overcrowding, decreasing wait times, and allowing MedWest’s emergency departments to see more critically ill patients more efficiently,” said occupational therapist Jeff Lee, the director of urgent care and occupational health at MedWest Health System. “This also will allow for our community to have increased access to medical care with an urgent illness or injury that needs to be seen that day, prior their local physicians’ offices opening on Monday.”

MedWest Health System Assistant Vice President of Emergency Services Roger Coward said expanded access in the community to urgent care “will really help patients coming into the emergency departments where it won't be as crowded on Sundays.”

While MedWest Urgent Care Centers do treat patients with non-life-threatening health problems, Coward emphasized that patients experiencing life-threatening illnesses or injuries always should go to a hospital emergency department instead of an urgent care center.

MedWest Health System operates the following Urgent Care Centers:


• The MedWest Urgent Care Center-West, at 556 Hazelwood Ave., in Waynesville. Call 452-8890 for information.

• The MedWest Urgent Care Center-Canton, at 55 Buckeye Cove Road, in Canton, off Exit 31 on I-40. Call 648-0282 for information.

• The MedWest Urgent Care Center-Sylva, at 176 Walmart Plaza in the Walmart shopping center, in Sylva. Call 631-9462.

MedWest’s Urgent Care Centers are able to treat patients with any kind of injury or illness that is not life-threatening and not a chronic condition. Healthcare practitioners at MedWest’s Urgent Care Centers also are able to help patients learn about local physicians who can then see them for follow-ups and ongoing care.