Vandals burn flags on Main Street

Aug 22, 2013

Vandals struck a Main Street business overnight Wednesday by burning two American Flags.

Dave Stone, who helps his son operate Gallery 262, noticed the charred flags when he was opening the gallery Thursday morning.

He had placed two small flags on the top of the gallery sign, which hangs off the awning over the sidewalk. But all that was left of the flags were burned sticks and ashes on the ground.

The flags were posted for July 4, but gallery owner Aaron Stone decided to leave them up because he sells American and locally made art at the gallery.

Both Dave and Aaron Stone were offended by the action and reported the vandalism to Waynesville police.

"For those of us who've served time or have buddies who died in the military, we're not real happy when people burn the flag," said Dave Stone, who served in the Air Force in the Korean War. "If someone has a problem with the flag they shouldn't be here."

Aaron Stone said he's never had a problem with vandals at his store before and believes the flag was targeted rather than his business.

"It's unfortunate that someone would burn an American flag on Main Street and also put local businesses at risk. It hits home — it makes you a little mad," he said.

While police are looking into the incident, Aaron Stone said he is just thankful the sign and building didn't catch on fire as well.



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Posted by: Rev. Traci Hoglen | Aug 23, 2013 07:57

Those who choose to burn the American Flag obviously have no respect for others and do not enjoy their freedom here in the United States. They may think no one saw them do this but they are wrong. GOD did!

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