Walking Dead season 4 episode 3 review

By Max Maier | Oct 27, 2013

The murderous sickness is spreading, and taking down supporting characters left and right. Now, some characters we actually know the identity of, are being affected. Plus, some people may be at the point of no return mentally.

We start off the episode with Tyreese demanding that Rick find him the person that burnt the 2 sick people, 1 being Tyreese's "girlfriend". Rick tries to calm Tyreese with Daryl and Carol, but Tyreese lashes out against Rick, and Rick stops him with a little aggression of his own. After words, our crew is quickly learning that not only are a lot of people becoming sick, but are going a little crazy. Daryl, Michonne, The army doctor and Tyreese go out to get medical supplies. Unfortunately they find more trouble than medicine. Will the gang survive? And who is the fire murderer?

The beginning of this episode could've have been introduced with "LLLLLLLET'S GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLEEEEEE!!!!!!" because more fists were thrown than most likely any other episode in this series. Tyreese snaps, and Rick puts him down. It was a tense moment showing the ferocity these 2 characters have, especially Rick. In all fairness though, if Tyreese were trying, I'm sure it would have been a different story.

Glenn and Maggie have not been interesting this whole season, and now we find out Glenn is sick. Was all of those dull scenes supposed to build up the emotions between these 2, to build up to this sad moment for them? I get that, but we could have made those earlier moments a bit more interesting and emotional, so that this plot thread would have a little more emotional tug.
I get Tyreese was furious his girl died, it's cool, but he seemed a tad bit too over the deep end for this. How long could he have been interested in her? It's not like his sister died, who is sick by the way, so that could happen. Tyreese redeems himself at the end of the episode though, proving he is just as tough as Daryl or Michonne, if not tougher. Although his situation seemed a bit out of the realm of possibility, with just a little hammer. But, it's like Tallahassee's standoff at the end of Zombieland. It is used to show how awesome a character is.

When did Hershel get a death wish? He didn't outright declare it, but his actions this week make it almost crystal clear. However, his speech he gave, explaining his motives was a really deep moment for the show. It is hard to disagree with him, considering their circumstances. I just hope we don't lose Hershel soon, because he is an important character to the others. He is the one who brought Rick back from his "stuff and things" state from season 3, he is the expert farmer and he has medical experience. Plus, he is a rock for everybody to talk to. His death would be very tragic, as apposed to Glenn in the show because he really isn't doing much right now.

I also called the woodsberry people being there just to be a deathtoll, minus a few of them. Somebody better pick up that phone, because I called it.


Also, what is going on with Carol? Is this her descent into madness? Her handling of the girls last week, ruining a good portion of the water and risking her life this week all point to yes. She was such a strong character last season, and she was even great in the premiere with Daryl, but that Carol is gone. She isn't anywhere near Lori or Andrea territory yet, but she is definitely a problem. Plus, she throws someone into the quarantine zone a little too quickly, basically succumbing them to death. So bizarre. Shame on you Carol.

Points to Carl this week. I have been complaining a lot about him so far, but he was great this week, thank God. How he helped Hershel was a great moment for him. Rick also protects Carol, so the Grimes men win for protecting their loved ones this week. Then, what Daryl, Michonne and Tyreese find is very interesting. It could be a tie to the book storyline, and if it is, this show is about to amp up another level. Because it will not be a threat easily dealt with, it was never even truly dealt with in the book, just avoided. So here is hoping this becomes a great storyline.

Lastly, you will guess who the burner is easily. They make it...kinda obvious by the halfway point, so the suspense was not all there. The motivations, now that comes next week.

Overall, not too much happened this week other than talking and set up. No major events happened yet, but we have some good set up for future drama and events. Shows need episodes like this, even if they are not perfect. But it was a good episode. Hopefully we see these flesh out into great drama this season.

P.S. Daryl said Rick had to stay at the prison because he had stuff to do. Long live Stuff and Things.

I give The Walking Dead Season 4 episode 3, 3.5 hammer-times out of 5