Water outages repaired in Canton

Boiling advisory lifted
By DeeAnna Haney | Jan 14, 2014

The cold weather put a strain on the water system in Canton last week, causing concerns as many residents were left with no water or little water pressure for several days.

Subzero temperatures led to frozen pipes at many Canton homes, but the real problems began as the temperatures began to rise, said Interim Town Manager Jason Burrell.

"When you have extreme cold you run into two possibilities for water line breakage," he said, referring to frozen water expanding in the pipes as one possibility.

"The water lines can also bust when it starts to warm back up after a deep freeze," he said.

Last week, the majority of water line busts causing outages occurred near Newfound Street and homes near the Spruce Street reservoir.

"The water gets pumped from the tank at the filter plant and it flows through town up to that area at the Spruce Street reservoir via a gravity line," Burrell said.

Because of the line breakages, water wasn't making its way to the reservoir to be pumped to some of the homes.

"It was a small area of town, but typically what happens is anytime you have more than a couple of houses with a water outage, depending on how fast it gets fixed and the severity of it, as it's leaking it could suck in other material, like dirt. So, once the leak gets fixed and the water is restored, you might have dark or muddy water," Burrell said.

That's why the town decided to issue an advisory to affected residents to boil water once the outage was repaired and water was restored.

The town rescinded the advisory Monday, announcing the water is now safe for consumption again. Burrell said the advisory was sent as a precaution and that those who may have drank water without boiling it are likely not in any danger. He said boiling the water was meant for those whose water came out looking dark or muddy once the outage was repaired.

While there were some Clyde residents affected by other leakages, the advisory only applied to those whose water was pumped from the Spruce Street reservoir.

Town crews worked around the clock starting Thursday morning when the first water outage reports came in.

"Crews worked all day Thursday and throughout the night, all day Friday and a handful of them worked through the night Friday and ended up wrapping up about noon on Saturday," Burrell said.

The reservoir is now working properly after crews have repaired the breakages.

"We appreciate everyone's understanding as we dealt with this issue," Burrell said.