Waynesville appoints boards

By Mary Ann Enloe | Aug 21, 2013

Waynesville's mayor and board of aldermen continued to tweak its commissions and boards appointment procedure at Tuesday night's governing board meeting.

Ann Melton was re-appointed to the Historic Preservation Commission after it was discovered that previous appointee Kent Stewart did not meet the residency requirements. Barbara Dias, named July 30 to the Public Art Commission, is unable to serve and Dominick DePaola was appointed to take her place.

Neal Ensley, Boyd Medford and John Richardson, all representing the town's extraterritorial jurisdiction on the zoning board of adjustment, were re-appointed, with David Felmet serving as an alternate from inside the city limits. The board of adjustment is a quasi-judicial body with the authority of law behind it, and state statutes require specific training of members who serve on that board.

Don Frady, Sarah Massie and Linda O'Neil were appointed to the Recreation Commission.

Town staff is compiling a Boards & Commissions Manual which will simplify the appointment process and put as many boards as possible on the same rotation for terms of service.

A request by Clark & Leatherwood on behalf of Jon Feichter and Libba Feichter for a standard easement across part of the parking lot behind the Municipal Building to install natural gas service to property located at 34 South Main Street was granted.

"The Municipal Building is historic and it will never be added onto back there. The parking lot will always be the parking lot, so I don't have a problem with it," said Alderman Julia Freeman.

Hazelwood Park plays a part in the Howell Mill Road project, said Town Manager Marcy Onieal. In a trade-off, a small piece of Waynesville's Recreation Park on Vance Street and Howell Mill Road became part of NCDOT's Howell Mill Road project and a Richland Creek sliver of the Hazelwood Park will become part of Waynesville's greenway. Parts of the greenway are completed, and it was always intended that the Hazelwood Park creek bank would tie into the plan.

In her update on the Junaluska annexation issue, Onieal told the board that the Lake Junaluska Community Council is still meeting, with a grass-roots effort taking the lead. She expects Junaluska's request for annexation to come up in the next session of the N. C. General Assembly in May.

Onieal presented information about ongoing visioning processes in place in the two regional councils of government Waynesville participates in--Land of Sky, and "Region A." Both programs invite public input. Websites are http://www.optinswnc.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/07Baseline-Vision-Web.pdf for

"Region A" and ftp://landofskygis.org/GroWNC/Steering%20Commitee/GroWNC%20Regional%20Plan%20Final%20Draft.pdf for Land of Sky.

The board was asked by a potential buyer of foreclosed property on the 23/74 Bypass if the board would be amenable to satellite annexation of the property.

No board members indicated interest, with Alderman Leroy Roberson being the most vocal: "I'm not going to vote in favor of anything that isn't contiguous. I won't vote for satellite annexation."

Waynesville governing board meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at 7 p.m. in the Board Room on the second floor of the Police Department building on Main Street, unless otherwise advertised. Meetings are open to the public.