Waynesville author shares miracles in her walk with God

By Vicki Hyatt | Jun 12, 2013
Photo by: Vicki Hyatt Ann Melton is shown with her new book.

The first chapter in Waynesville resident Ann Davis Melton’s book is a gripping account of her son, Buddy’s life-threatening accident and miraculous cure that included a visit from Jesus.

Subsequent chapters in “I Will Lift Up My Eyes: The Power of Praise and Prayer,” describe true-life experiences of Melton, her family and friends as they triumphed over extraordinary circumstances in their walk with God.

One tragic story that may be well-remembered in Haywood is that of Melton’s cousin, Mary Katherine Robinson, who lost her arm after being shot by her husband. Robinson’s husband turned to gambling and violence after losing his job and was ready to kill both himself and his wife before a chain of events unfolded that would leave her an amputee, but draw her into the presence of God and save her life.

Melton’s book is a first-hand account of the power of prayer and the successes that can come from closely walking with the Lord.

Her book tells of time after time when divine guidance produced results beyond what could have been hoped for. It also tells of an instance where failure to pray and discern the Lord’s will before making a move ended in a setback.

Melton said the very personal experiences in her book are shared to illustrate that God’s voice can be heard, miracles still happen and prayer can change lives.

The short stories within the book have been woven together from portions of Melton’s journal she kept for the past 50 years, a journal she said tells of the “glorious things God has done in my life and the lives of family and friends as they experienced the warmth of God’s love.”

Melton said it is her prayer that sharing these stories will help readers be lifted up in faith and begin their special walk with the Lord.

“No matter where you are, you can come before the Lord in prayer, knowing that He will be waiting with outstretched arms,” she said.

Last fall, Melton was awarded the Willie Parker Peace History Book Award from the North Carolina Society of Historians for a series of books written on Waynesville history. She has also won awards for several family history books.

All proceeds from the sale of Melton’s book will be donated to Haywood Christian Ministry and MANNA Food Bank, the two organizations Melton said she believes to be the best avenues to help the impoverished.

She will read from and sign copies of “I Will Lift Up My Eyes,” at 3 p.m. Saturday, June 15, at Blue Ridge Books, and at 3 p.m. Sunday, June 23.

Copies of the book are available Blue Ridge Books in Waynesville or by calling Melton at 452-2500.