Waynesville fire hydrants to be tested

Sep 04, 2014

The Waynesville Fire Department will be testing/flushing fire hydrants in various areas throughout the town for the next few weeks. Messages will be sent out daily via social media, the CodeRed telephone notification system and posted on the town website to assist in identifying areas that may be impacted.

Water used from the tap may appear brown and contain some small particulates and residents are encouraged to let water run until it clears. Regular maintenance of these hydrants and lines ensures that there are no obstructions that may impact operation in the event of a fire.

Individuals who have not signed up for CodeRed telephone notifications may do so via the town’s website at www.waynesvillenc.gov by clicking on the CodeRed icon at the bottom of the page and completing the necessary fields.  Individuals who do not have access to a computer may contact the Administrative Services office at 452-2491 for assistance in enrolling for these notifications.

Inquiries regarding the areas where daily testing will be completed can be made to the Public Services department at 456-3706.