Waynesville man indicted in brazen home break-in

By Kyle Perrotti | Mar 13, 2017
Courtesy of: Haywood County Sheriff's Office Arwine is being held on $39,000 bond and will appear in court April 10.

A Waynesville man was indicted last week for a Feb. 7 home break-in that left the homeowners shaken and violated.

Andrew Arwine, 24, was arrested after cutting power to a Waynesville home owned by Ken and Kathy Wilson, awakening the owners as they slept and demanding money.

The Wilsons said they were alerted that something was wrong when their dog began barking and Kathy Wilson thought it wanted to go outside.

When she opened the bedroom door, she saw a flashlight beam, and immediately called 911.

While she was making the call, Kenneth Wilson said the couple heard the door to their back deck get kicked in, and he went to check it out.

From atop the stairs, he said he saw a shadowy figure. When Arwine asked for  money, Kenneth Wilson slammed the wall with his hand told him to get out.

A chase ensued as he followed Arwine out of the house. Before losing him, he got close enough to get a vague description.

“I could see a silouhette, so I knew he was tall and thin, and that’s what I told the police,” he said.

Nothing is thought to have been stolen from the house, but there were a few valuable items stolen from a vehicle in the garage. Following the incident, Waynesville Detective Paige Shell and Lt. Chris Chandler were able to tie Arwine to the Wilson break-in and brought him into custody without incident.

Although Shell said Arwine is believed to be connected to up to 18 property crime cases, he was only indicted on seven charges, which include multiple residential breaking and enterings and a larceny of a motor vehicle. Arwine is being held on $39,000 bond and will appear in court April 10.

Although Arwine was not armed and made no explicit threats, the couple was understandably shaken up.

“I was incensed that this guy had invaded our house, and I was agitated that he had been so brazen in what he did,” Kenneth said. “It’s a feeling of violation of your house by someone who means harm. It’s disconcerting.”