Waynesville projects funded by Medford Endowment grants

May 23, 2014

The first grants from the Mib and Phil Medford Endowment Fund, established in Mib Medford’s honor by her family last July, have been announced by The Fund for Haywood County. The Medford endowment supports beautification, streetscape improvements and other public amenities in Waynesville.

The town of Waynesville Public Art Commission received $4,000 to help relocate Chasing Tadpoles, a sculpture by Bill Eleazer, a former teacher at Tuscola High School. The sculpture, consisting of three bronze figures of children playing, was donated by the Biltmore Square Mall and will be installed in the historic Frog Level district.

The town of Waynesville received $1,910 toward the Downtown Waynesville Association’s Millennium Street Lamp Project, which will replace the existing outdated cobra lamps and improve pedestrian lighting in the downtown district. Mib Medford was a founding member of the Downtown Waynesville Association.

“Growing up with my mom and dad, we were taught that if you see holes that need plugging, you plug them,” said daughter Philan Medford. “My brother and I are pleased that the first grants have been awarded from the endowment. Dr. Phil grew up near Frog Level, which makes support of Chasing Tadpoles very appropriate. I can imagine him playing with tadpoles in the still waters next to nearby Richland Creek. The funds awarded to the Downtown Association’s decorative light poles honors our mother’s many years of service. Both grants celebrate Waynesville’s ‘sense of place’ and provide a leg-up to folks raising funds to realize their goals for the town.”

The Fund for Haywood Country, an affiliate of The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, is a permanently endowed fund to meet local needs. Tax-deductible gifts are added to principal, which is preserved and invested. The returns are used to make grants to support nonprofits in Haywood County. Since 1994, The Fund for Haywood County, in partnership with CFWNC, has awarded 79 grants totaling $672,640 to 42 organizations.

The local volunteer board of directors works to raise awareness of The Fund for Haywood County and to build assets for the future. These board members are: George D. Ivey (chair), Louise W. Baker, Michael Beadle, Parrish Ezell, Kimberly Dionne Ghaussy, Rolf Kaufman, John W. Keith, Bruce A. Kingshill, Christine Mallette, Scott McLeod, Peggy C. Melville, Jeremy Phillips, Bennie Sharpton and Sarah Wenzel.

For more information about The Fund for Haywood County, call Chair George Ivey at 648-2710.

To make a tax-deductible donation to The Fund for Haywood County, donate online at www.cfwnc.org or by mail to The Fund for Haywood County, P.O. Box 627, Waynesville, N.C., 28786. Contributions of any size are welcome and are tax-deductible.

The Community Foundation is a nonprofit serving 18 counties in Western North Carolina. The foundation is a permanent regional resource with assets of $235 million that facilitates more than $11 million in charitable giving annually. CFWNC supports the growth of its affiliate funds to extend the benefits of philanthropy across the region. To learn more about The Community Foundation, visit www.cfwnc.org.