Waynesville will soon have a downtown food market

Sunburst Market will feature local, sustainable food items
By Vicki Hyatt | Sep 23, 2013
Katie Eason Hughes

In mid-October, downtown Waynesville will once again have a fresh food market.

Community long-timers fondly remember the days of the Open Air market and the Curb Market, both of which offered food and produce items downtown.

Katy Eason Hughes of Sunburst Market on Montgomery, said she has fond memories buying fresh fruit and produce as a child at the markets — memories which are partly driving the move to Main Street.

“Our vision is to be a little neighborhood one-stop shop market,” she said, adding the larger space at 142 N. Main St., will allow the food and beverage choices at the store to grow.

Once the store is moved into its new site just a block away (which is almost three times larger than the 800-square-foot building currently occupied, the name will be shortened to Sunburst Market.

In addition to the 30 types of trout, meat, wines, cheeses and sauces currently offered, Sunburst will stock rice, grains, dry goods, apothecary items and even unique cleaning products.

The idea to expand took root at a fancy food show in New York Hughes attended with her mother, Sally Eason, who is helping grow the family business, Sunburst Trout.

“We attended seminars on food trends and specialty foods,” she said, “and that just got the wheels turning.”

Sunburst Market, which operates under the Sunburst Trout umbrella, has adopted the mission statement: “Mostly local, all sustainable.”

Hughes has found a hydroponic grower who will be able to supply fresh, organic  greens, even through the winter, and the market will be carrying seasonally available local foods.

Hughes said she is striving to carry items that aren’t currently available in the county.

“Many of my customers tell me about items they drive to Asheville to buy,” she said. “I’d like to be able to provide them here. We won’t be in competition with other merchants. I’m being careful not to overlap, and if someone needs something we don’t have, I’d love to be able to refer them to another store here.”

With the upcoming move, Sunburst Market on Montgomery will close Oct. 5, and then reopen in its new location on Oct. 18.