Weekend food snack bags packed for needy children

Nov 14, 2012
Photo by: Donated photos HELPING CHILDREN EAT WELL ON WEEKENDS — Pictured are staff members at St. John’s Early Education and Preschool busy packing easy, nutritional food items to be placed in a reusable snack bag. From left, are Laura Wood, Cheryl Scott and Debbie McConnell.

Staff members at St. John’s Early Education and Preschool, in Waynesville, are have been busy packing easy and nutritional food items to be placed in a reusable bag. These bags are made available for all families who might have a need to help feed the children during the weekends.

The parent signs a confidential form requesting that these bags are sent home on Friday with the little ones and they are returned back on Monday. Staff members take the forms and fill the bags with small food items to assist the child during the weekend. Donations from local churches and private donors have allowed this project to exist from the St. John’s Center.

The lead teachers brainstormed on how to help the children in hard economic times when the idea of providing easy and small snacks foods was created.

Debbie McConnell and the staff are grateful to all those who help fill the “snack packs” weekly, and to Laura Wood, who carries in the bags. Those interested in helping are asked to drop by the center at 225 Church St., in Waynesville or call at 452-9183 or 452-2726 and ask for McConnell.