Welcome to Canton's new town manager

Apr 01, 2014

Congratulations to Seth Hendler-Voss, Canton’s new town manager.

It’s been a long and difficult search for the town, but the board and mayor seem settled on their decision to hire Hendler-Voss, who is leaving his job as the park planning and development manager for the city of Asheville.

The Canton Board of Aldermen began the search last year after Al Matthews announced his retirement, and while the board poured over applications, it failed to make a decision before the election. Since none of the board members ran for re-election, it left all brand new board members with a big decision to make for the town.

We understand the board taking its time to examine all the applications and to narrow it down to the best candidates. While the local aldermen elections are important for a town, the town manager is a key person who can make or break a small town government.

Town managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations at town hall. They set the tone for employee morale, town-resident interactions and should provide continuity through the years as boards and mayors come and go.

Hendler-Voss has a steep learning curve ahead since he is new to Canton and new to town management. We hope everyone will try to make him feel at home during this transition. It is a good sign that he is willing to relocate his family to Canton to take on this new position. It shows that he is committed and willing to be a part of this tight-knit community.

As aldermen have pointed out, Hendler-Voss is young and motivated, which will be beneficial to the town’s future. As a recent graduate from Western Carolina University’s Masters in Public Administration program, Hendler-Voss should be equipped with the latest information confronting public administrators. It will be good to have a fresh set of eyes to examine the issues facing the town.

We hope he can use this to help Canton create a vision that will guarantee the town’s success well into the future. Welcome to Haywood County Mr. Hendler-Voss. We wish you the best of luck.