Welding competition to be held May 11 at THS

Apr 22, 2013
Photo by: Donated photo

The Tulsa Welding School will hold a welding competition will be held May 11, at Tuscola High School. There will be 15 to 20 high school seniors competing for prizes and scholarships. The amount of scholarships that will be given out is almost $40,000.  First place will be a full scholarship, second place will be half scholarship and third place will be a 25 percent scholarship.
Mark Warlick, welding instructor at THS, is the host of the event.
Tulsa Welding School has been around since 1949, training welders in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Jacksonville, Florida. The programs of study at TWS consist of professional welder (seven-month study), shipfitting and steel fabrication (nine months) and electro-mechanical technologies (nine months).  Students are exposed to high percentage of hands on education out of a 25 hour week of instruction 20 hours are spent in the shop environment. For information, call Jason Moody at 904-451-4273 or email jason.moody@twsweld.com.