Health and Fitness Colum

Wellness fairs benefit its students

By John Taylor | Mar 18, 2014
Photo by: File John Taylor

Brevard High School recently hosted its inaugural Health and Wellness Fair to promote healthy lifestyle choices to their students.
During the fair, Brevard learners were able to participate in sessions on lifetime fitness, healthy eating choices, emotional health, being safe while dating, and substance abuse.
In terms of physical activity opportunities, students were able to participate in a number of group exercise classes that included Crossfit, pickleball, hip hop dance, rock climbing, Zumba, snowboarding agility, and a fireman fitness course.
Local food companies and restaurants also provided students with samples of the healthy food options that they offer, and local nonprofits and public health agencies provided information on healthy lifestyle choices.
The health fair was a joint venture between Brevard High School, North Carolina Cooperative Extension Food and Nutrition Program (EFNEP), the Transylvania County Department of Public Health.
This event is a marvelous way to help students, particularly upper classmen preparing to leave home for work or college, to learn about the physical activity opportunities available to them within the community, the services  public health offers, and ways to eat healthier to ensure higher levels of wellness.
In this age when many schools are struggling to find the money to keep the football team on the field, it is nice to see that the administration at Brevard allowed their student body to participate in activities that may influence them to lead healthier lifestyles throughout their adult lives.
Perhaps if more schools were able to offer a health fair, their students would learn more about ways they can increase their overall wellness as they get older, and avoid the pitfalls of obesity through inactivity and poor eating habits.
If school personnel wish to explore having this type of event for their students, but administrative and school board personnel are denying their request, it can be argued that a health fair would enable teachers to meet new standards for health and physical education.
This month, the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance will publish the newest national standards for K-12 physical education classes will be published.
One of these new standards requires schools to teach their students about physical activity and health programs offered in their communities. Arranging a health fair would not only meet this standard, but would benefit students to a greater extent than a teacher simply handing out pamphlets with the latest parks and recreation schedule.
Kudos to the staff at Brevard High School for taking on such a worthwhile endeavor. If only one student has decided to make a lifestyle change because of the knowledge they gained at your health fair, I’d argue the hard work required in arranging the event was well worth it.