We're Distressed...

By Doug Worrell | Jun 26, 2014

High Country Furniture & Design — We’re distressed.

Why, you ask?

Because we like it that way!

Here at High Country, several of the pieces we sell are distressed – meaning that the people who made the piece of furniture scratched it, hit it, and roughed it up before sending it to us.

You may ask, “Why would you distress a perfectly good piece of furniture? You would do this on purpose? Wouldn’t you want a new piece of furniture to look nice and smooth?”

Distressing a piece of furniture makes it appear to be older than it really is – kind of like an antique. Often times, antiques hold value and memories. Antiques represent a moment in history and the work of artisans years ago. The goal of distressing is to make furniture have the same look and sentimental feeling as an antique.

Distress Example 3

The process of distressing furniture actually sounds pretty recreational! There are several techniques that are used:

  • Hitting the head of a hammer on the furniture to make a circular dent
  • Striking the furniture with chains
  • Using tools in your toolbox to make scratches on the surface
  • Running a saw blade over the piece of furniture
  • Using your keys to nick up the table

Distress Example 2

Often times, stain will be applied after the furniture has been distressed so that the stain can bring out the distress marks even more.

Distress Example 1

Are you distressed now? Visit High Country to see some of the distressed pieces in our showroom.