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What I'm thankful for ...

By Chad Upton | Nov 21, 2012
Chad Upton

The Godfather started a tradition a few years ago writing about what he’s thankful for this time of year.
I like the idea and wanted to take a few moments to do the same.  We spend so much time in both sports and life being critical and cynical about what goes on around us that we let that frame our thinking and perspective.  
We forget about all that’s well and good, and about the blessings that we are so lucky to receive.
* I’m thankful for some of my favorite sports broadcasters. Men like Woody Durham, John Ward, Skip Carry, John Forslund, Wes Durham, and Tripp Tracy who I’ve listened to throughout my childhood and adult life.  
If you’re lucky enough to have one of these guys as your eyes and ears for your favorite team, you know what I mean.  The good ones are just as important as the guys on the field, court, or ice.
* I’m thankful I get to pretend to be one of these guys on Friday nights.
* I’m thankful that Appalachian State has made the playoffs again and will be at home on Saturday, Dec. 1.
Mountaineer fans should never take for granted the success of this program for so many years.  There are many schools, students, and alumni that would gladly accept even one year like Appalachian State has enjoyed in so many football seasons.
* I’m thankful that Brad Keselowski has won the NASCAR Championship.  
Perhaps he isn’t the flashiest guy in the world, or even the best spokesman for NASCAR.  Nevertheless, NASCAR needed someone else at the top if they really want to grow their sport.  This could be a good start.
* I’m thankful that Notre Dame is relevant again.  Anyone that has seen Rudy knows why.  I have no tie to Notre Dame but I can’t help but pull for them because they have done so much for the game of college football.  
I’m not sure that they can win a National Championship and I’m not sure they will even be their in the end…but what a story it would make.
* I’m thankful I’m not in charge of fixing University of Tennessee football … I wouldn’t know where to start.
Make that Carolina Panthers football too.
* I’m thankful that the Charlotte Bobcats have almost reached their win total for all of last year in the first month of the season.  Michael Jordan for NBA Executive of the Year anyone?
* I’m thankful for David Pressley and his career.  Coach,

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