What Will You Do When The Pain Won`t Stop? and your doctor told you that you cant` be helped.

By Dr. Craig Gibson @ Haywood Chiropractic Center | Sep 18, 2011

In this doctor`s opinion,the best breakthrough treatment for serious back and neck pain of our age is NOT surgery,but a non-surgical,safe &  ,state-of-the-art technology now available in Haywood County.    Finally,Some Good News! If you have been suffering with back or arm/leg pain caused by a disc bulge,or disc herniation.  My name is Dr Craig E. Gibson DC, and I have successfully treated hundreds of patients with spinal decompression so there`s no reason your back problem should be any different.Call our office today to see if you may be a canidate for this state-of -the -art painless procedure . " Dr Gibson and his staff are wonderfull.They give you the best care and are truely concerned about you and your pain.If Dr Gibson feels he can not help you he will tell you.I feel great.No more leg and sciatica.I cant thank him enough.I was given up on by other doctors" William S. Cooper.  Truck Driver,Mooreshead NC .Call Today for your appointment.There is never a charge for a Consultation

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