Who writes "Our Views?"

By Vicki Hyatt | Jun 29, 2012

Every now and then, mostly when someone disagrees with something written under the heading "Our Views," I'll get a question about who writes the editorial. I get the feeling what the person mostly wants to know is, "whose opinion is it, really?"

The answer is always the same. The editorial featured in the upper left corner of the Opinion page (page 4) is the viewpoint of The Mountaineer editorial board. That board is made up of Publisher Jonathan Key, General Manager Jeff Schumacher and myself.

One recent questioner pressed the issue — who writes it?

As a rule, I'm the one who writes the opinion expressed under the "Our Views" heading, but only after discussing all the possible issues our community newspaper needs weigh in on after our weekly staff meeting on Mondays. We discuss not only the developments in the past week that we need to take a stand on, but also what should be the major points expressed.

There are times when one of the reporters or our graphic designer will pen the editorial, as well.

We at The Mountaineer strongly believe a community newspaper that's doing its job provides not only factual news stories about important community events, but offers an interpretation as well. We take a traditional view that opinions need to be kept out of news stories and reserved for the page where they are clearly marked as such.

By no means do we believe that the stands and positions we've taken are the only ones that matter. We welcome opposing views and love to spark a vigorous discussion about the things that matter in our community. We give ample space to those with opposing views to share them on the opinion page, as well.

So, next time you read something under "Our Views" that doesn't mesh with your views, take a few moments to tell us — and our readers — about it.

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