Wilderness school, martial arts facility opens in Canton

Mar 06, 2013

Land of the Sky Wilderness School and Martial Arts has opened at 10 Murphy Blvd., in Canton.

The school offers year-round martial arts training in a variety of disciplines (Tang Soo Do, Ninjutsu, Filipino arts, Samurai Sword, and IMA-Integrated Martial Arts), and welcomes all ages, from 4 to adult, and all experience levels.

“I teach and direct three martial arts class locations around Asheville and would like to serve my local community and drive a little less,” said owner and Cruso resident Spencer Bolejack. “The school also offers an affordable top-quality summer camp in wilderness skills including tracking, primitive survival, knots, first aid, cooking, shelters, blacksmithing, sailing, woodcarving, edible plants and trees, medicinal botany, Appalachian folklore and more.”

Bolejack said the summer camps begin filling quickly.

“We only have one week of day camp available. Contact us to reserve a spot and get more information on registration.”

The school has two grandmaster teachers, both renowned in their respective styles.  Brian Adams was a student under Bruce Lee, Ed Parker and Dan Inosanto, among other distinguished teachers and at 70 years old, is an inspiration for healthy living and wellness.  Chuck Blackburn earned his black belt in Korea while stationed there in the 1960s and is considered a founding member of Tang Soo Do in the west.

“I started training with Blackburn more than 20 years ago,” said Bolejack.

Land of Sky also offer a law enforcement and military family discount for our service professionals.

To reach Bolejack, call 280-0847. Hours of operation vary.  Visit www.lotswild.com for more information.

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