WINDSONG 2014: A Celebration of Woodwinds & Celtic Music

Arts & Entertainment
Asheville Music School Performance Loft
126 College St.
Ryan Reardon
Jun 19, 2014
7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Asheville Music School is proud to premiere WINDSONG 2014- the first in a series of historically-informed concerts. WINDSONG is a celebration of Celtic music: the folk and dance tunes of Galicia, Brittany, Ireland, Ulster, Scotland, Australia, and North America. The concert also features performances on 27 different woodwind instruments: Galician, Scottish and Irish bagpipes; modern, Baroque and Irish flutes; a couple of Civil War fifes; various concert and marching piccolos; a consort of recorders; and a quiet little 19th century flageolet…plus handmade high and low whistles galore! The concert features woodwind multi-instrumentalists Milissa Ellison and Connell Sanderson, along with guitarist David Polechko and percussionist Maggie Anderson.

The WINDSONG concert is open to the public at no charge, and is exceedingly kid-friendly. Donations are encouraged and will go toward Asheville Music School (a non-profit organization) and its affiliate program the Paul Thorpe Music Education Fund.