WNC author releases murder mystery

By Jessi Stone Guide editor | Nov 20, 2013

After a career in health care and raising a family, Tami Rasmussen decided it was time to pursue her dreams of being a writer.

With the official release of her first published book, “Murmur,” she says she can officially consider herself a writer.

“I am a registered nurse, and after working for many decades in healthcare, I've taken some time off to pursue a life long passion to write,” she said.

Changing careers mid-life can be an overwhelming objective — especially if the goal is to make a successful career from writing a book. While she got a lot of raised eyebrows when she told people of her plan, she knew it was the right thing and the right time.

“You see how fragile life is when you have a career that immerses you into life and death circumstances. Time is not promised,” Rasmussen said. “My children are grown and successful in their lives, and for me it was the right time to fulfill my dream.”

She will be reading from and signing copies of “Murmur” at 3 p.m. Nov. 23 at Blue Ridge Books. The murder mystery novel is set in an isolated mountain community of Western North Carolina in the 1970s — which is not a far leap from where Rasmussen lives on White Rock Mountain and Hickory Gap near Franklin.

Without electricity, telephone service, or running water, the character of Sonny Branch, is in her element. Resisting modern amenities and lifestyle, she is a strong and capable mountain woman. Love and despair brings Sonny to her knees when outsiders threaten the kinship for all of the colorful characters living in this small mountain community.

“The plot is the hardest part of writing fictional murder mysteries,” Rasmussen said. “For me, the plot was a creation of real life and a crazy imagination. The characters could be anyone's family. The 70s was a pivotal decade, and I think the book will have a wide appeal.”

Rasmussen was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska but has lived in Western North Carolina and Franklin for the last 25 years. She graduated from Southwestern Community College in Sylva. She said she is blessed to have a small, remote mountain cabin in the woods to inspire her writing.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, “Murmur” is available through bookstores nationwide.