WNC EcoFest

Arts & Entertainment
Haywood Community College
28 Walnut Street
Katy McLean Gould
May 04, 2013
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

The Haywood Chamber of Commerce's newest festival is designed to inspire you to try new things, to teach you and to entertain you. We'll offer everything from making soap, to becoming a beekeeper to learning about food preservation. We'll help you save money by showing you the latest in environmentally friendly technologies. We'll entertain you with music and keep your children happy with games and activities.

You'll learn to pick the best plants, to test your soil, to catch the rain.

And in the end, you’ll be a better steward of your community.

Exhibitors and vendors areas will include:

Heritage Kitchen: Covers food preservation and canning, farm-to-table meals, milling, baking and food production.

Abundant Backyard: Learn about square-foot gardening, medicinal botany, animal husbandry, rain barrels, soil testing and more. Don't miss: The Farmers' Market.

Renewable Energy/Sustainable Living: Green building, environmentally friendly technologies and money-saving ideas. Also: Haywood Community College will offer festival-goers a chance to tour the new Creative Arts Center, recognized for its environmentally sound technology, and visit the "demo house," a teaching facility that incorporates the latest "green" building practices.

Wellness: Activities and lifestyle choices for healthy living, including nutrition, yoga, health screenings and natural remedies.

Kids: Activities and games to entertain and educate children on the importance of green, healthy living.

Locally Crafted: Environmentally friendly festival that focuses on green, organic, natural, USA-made, handmade and recycled products and services.


$5 Parking Fee per car