High School Basketball

WNCAC may have to cancel basketball tournament

Pending snow storm has high school sports in a quandary
By Chuck Fiebernitz | Feb 11, 2014
Photo by: Wesley Pope Pisgah senior Sheridan Pressley.

CANTON — Commissioner David Pressley is in a quandary while waiting to see  the effects to the mountains from the snowstorm before he can decide whether to pull the plug on the WNC Athletic Conference Boys and Girls Basketball Tournaments.
“It has been hectic for the last 48 hours,” said Pressley. “I have been on the phone with each school’s athletic director, the head coaches and our booking agent for the referees discussing all the different scenerios. We just have to wait to see how much snow we get and what effect it has on Western North Carolina before we can decide if we are going to cancel the first round of the tournament or scratch it completely.
“The good thing is each school has one game left to the regular season and we have to play it before the state association’s deadline, which is next weekend. The current plan is to try and play the regular season finales on Friday (Feb.14) or Saturday (Feb. 15), and scratch the first round of the tournament. That means we will take the top four teams and play the conference tournament semifinals on Tuesday (Feb. 18) and the championship games on Thursday (Feb. 20). Both rounds will be at Smoky Mountain High School.
“However, if the snowstorm forces the cancellation of this weekend’s regular season finales, then we will be forced to move them to Tuesday and scrap the entire tournament. We are at the mercy of the pending snowstorm. It’s a wait and see situation.”
The final regular season games that have to be played are Pisgah at Brevard, Tuscola at Franklin, Smoky Mountain at North Henderson and West Henderson at East Henderson.
As for any ties in the standings, the conference will draw for seeds.
“In case of any ties, we will draw to break the tie,” said Pressley. “We will not break any ties on overall records.”
For example, if the Pisgah girls tie for first with Franklin, there will be a draw for which team gets the No. 1 seed and the No. 2 seed for the WNCAC Tournament.
It will become a moot point, however, for the Black Bears and Panthers if the conference’s girls tournament is scrapped. Once the state tournament begins, Franklin will be a No. 1 seed for the NCHSAA Class 2-A West playoffs and Pisgah a top seed in the 3-A West.
The latest NCPreps polls were released Tuesday morning and the 21-1 Pisgah girls were ranked No. 4 in Class 3-A, while 18-3 Franklin was 12th in 2-A.
In the boys polls, Pisgah (18-3) dropped from fifth to eighth in Class 3-A after its loss to Smoky Mountain last week, while the Mustangs (22-0) remained second in Class 2-A behind No. 1 Shelby.


Boys Standings
WNCAC   Overall
Team                           W-L         W-L

Smoky Mountain        13-0          22-0
Pisgah                         11-2          19-3
West Henderson           9-4          13-7
North Henderson          6-7          11-12
Brevard                         5-8            8-12
Franklin                        4-9            7-14
Tuscola                         4-9            5-18
East Henderson            0-13          2-18

Girls Standings
WNCAC   Overall
Team                              W-L         W-L

Pisgah                             12-1         21-1
Franklin                          12-1         18-3
North Henderson              7-6         13-10
Smoky Mountain              7-6         10-12
Brevard                             6-7          8-10
West Henderson                6-7          8-12
Tuscola                              2-11        1-21
East Henderson                 0-13        3-18
WNCAC Tentative Schedule
Friday or Saturday Games

(weather permitting)
Pisgah at Brevard
Tuscola at Franklin
Smoky Mountain at North Henderson
West Henderson at East Henderson