Did you know?

Women are the best communicators

By Paul Viau | Jun 04, 2014
Courtesy of: Viau family photo FALLING FOR NORTH CAROLINA — 20+ years ago we visited NC for leaf-peeping. Carol made it clear she liked the mountains.

I spent my entire career in the advertising and communications, and for most of my more than 44 years, it was a male-dominated field. In the 1980s and 1990s, women broke the barriers and became copywriters, art directors and account executives.

Right from the start, I noticed that women were harder working, more compassionate and much more conscientious.

At one advertising agency, I recall the entire male creative staff ‘transfixed’ for weeks by the demolition of the high-rise building next-door. As the wrecking ball toppled floor after floor, the men took photos, made wagers on falling walls, and for the most part, ignored deadlines.

It was the one or two young women on the creative team that picked up the slack for the agency.

The important role of women in advertising is a common theme in AMC’s hit show Mad Men. In fact, in this season’s finale, Peggy Olson — the only woman in the room full of men — made the convincing presentation to win the Burger Chef account.

Back in the day — I had a girlfriend who similarly ignored the barriers at a major Midwest advertising agency, and paved the way for women to move up and out of the media department and become account managers.

Hands down, she had the best communication skills of anyone I ever knew. She could recall a meeting point for point, and transform confusion into perfect clarity in one, short memo.

She presented ideas persuasively, and surprised me time and time again by getting the uncooperative to ‘buy in’ to her plans.

She also had incredible tenacity — to date, she has kept in close contact with her ‘pen pal’ in England for 52 years.

(Yes, she’s in all relationships for the long haul.)

This lady so swept me off my feet with her poise and confidence, that I asked her to marry me. And to my surprise, she said, “Yes.”

Since that day, Carol has been my friend, soul mate, companion, muse, liason and ‘Communicator-in-Chief.’

She keeps me informed, organized and focused on what is really important. And I am amazed at her insight.

For example, I was completely blown away this week when I happened to find one of her letters tucked away in an old photo album. It was sealed and dated April 12, 2000, and addressed “Letter to the future.”

The envelope stated, “Do not open until after April 12, 2010.”

After reading the letter together and crying about some of the past decade’s losses, we focused in on the section, “My wishes for the future of the world.”

Add the word “visionary” to the words best describing my wife, for Carol’s wishes were as follows:

(1) To find a cure for cancer.

(2) To preserve a clean environment and plenty of green space for the next generation.

(3) To feed the hungry.

(4) To ban handguns and senseless murder.

Yes, there is no doubt in my mind that women are the best communicators and the ones most focused on solving the problems of our world. With any luck, we can elect a woman as President of the United States. We need a woman’s touch to guide our world. I’m sure glad I have one guiding mine.

And call me selfish, I have asked Carol Singer Viau to decline all offers for political position. I want her all for myself.