Women: We Rule the World

By Kristian Buckner | Dec 10, 2012

I imagine myself, high up, sitting in a luxuriously large chair, behind an extravagant mahogany desk over looking none other than NYC herself. My beautiful office in the home of Vogue, taking a deep breath in to relax myself from a long day of work. Later, dressed to the nines for cocktails with important people, to return home that evening to my very lovely Manhattan home with my family where I will crawl into my pillow-like bed and reset for another day.

Maybe my image of my future self is from a movie, or a television show I've seen. Something I've read about, someone I admire. Every image I conjure of myself is something of magnificence, a dream that could one day, if I do dream hard enough, become true. But how I made the images, well, that's a question in itself to be answered with: from none other than the women themselves, who are not just women but business people, intelligent, and powerful world rulers. These ladies of title they've built for themselves looking down on an empire, a huge building of life that they themselves climbed and successfully touched the bell at the top to let the world know that they had made it. I want to be like them, those women of wonder, who through such poor circumstances, bad support systems, and economic downfalls still made it. Looked past the sour faces of those nay-sayers and looked at the world and said hey, I can, and will, do it.

It may seem cliche, maybe cheesy and overdone. But I say, why? What's so wrong to aspire to great heights to look down and see what you've accomplished. I want to be on top, to be successful, and make an actual difference in this world. I want to follow my dreams and never just settle. I want to be like those women that are my heroes in this world. Everyone should have someone to look up to, and mine are all the great women who have made their dreams come true, no matter who they are, or where they came from.

I think it's wonderful being a woman, and today we as women have more power than ever. And ruling the world? We're already there, so whatever you can dream can be done. (Within reason. A serial killer wouldn't be within that reason.) We women have stepped past getting to vote, but now we are running for political office; and I'm rooting for the woman who is willing to become the next president. We women have went past head of a household to head of a corporation. From only being able to be teachers and nurses, to being doctors, researchers, professors, teachers of the world. Ambassadors for change, for rights, for us.

I believe in being a woman, because I am one, and because there are so many admirable women out there. With who we are today, well we can do nothing but work towards an even better tomorrow. For the women who aren't respecting their bodies, please ladies, remember that being a women means being intelligent and powerful, equal to a man, but gentle and feminine, and respectful of ourselves. (Another note on that, always keep to the rule, if you don't respect yourself, don't expect others to follow suit.) Women don't just have the power to rule the world, but in today's day and age, we can and we are. So always be a lady in the midst of conquering the world. Be kind on your way up, intelligent, thoughtful, and always, wise. Allow yourself to dream big, but not just to conjure them up but to follow them till death. To never settle for anything less than perfection. Always be true to yourself doing so. Women, let's stop putting each other down, respect ourselves and others, and create a team of us who will support each other and stick together. Find the beauty in yourselves, and live, because life isn't so bad. And always, dream.