World's finest

By Eric S. Brown | Jul 24, 2013

It's no secret that I am a Huntress fan. Though I personally prefer the Italian mafia daughter version of the character, the original Huntress was Helena Wayne who has returned in DC's New 52 line of comics.

Earth II is one of the many parallel Earth's that exists in the DCU that runs along the main universe all DC fans know.

The Earth II Batman in the New 52 perished alongside Superman and Wonder Woman battling an invasion of Earth by Darkseid and the parademons of Apokolips.  Helena and Kara, aka Powergirl, were transported from Earth II to Earth I during the battle that left their loved ones dead.

They find themselves stranded on an eerily familiar but strangely different Earth I with no way home in the pages of a monthly title called World's Finest.  The title of the series itself originally belonged to a Batman/Superman team up book of old and totally fits the two characters, as they are the heirs to those heroes' legacies.

Helena immediately resumes her role as the Huntress, stealing money from the accounts of the alternate version of her father, Bruce Wayne, to fund her operations while Kara sets out to find a way home.  The two make an odd pair, a street level vigilante and a Superman level power, but through their intense friendship they act as excellent foils for one another showcasing extremely different outlooks on what a superhero should be.

The current arc of the title is very Earth II driven. Desaad, a minion of Darkseid, has they believe followed them to Earth I where he once again set on carrying out the wishes of his master and laying planets to bring the Earth under the reign of Apokolips.

The series also features many fun moments of the two adapting to Earth I and meeting its heroes. Powergirl even becomes romantically involved with Mr. Terrific at one point in the series while Helena is set upon a course that will lead her to an encounter with the Earth I Batman.

Each issue of World's Finest so far has more than enough action for a fan of the superhero genre of comics but the series goes deeper as well, exploring in depth the personal struggles and relationships of its two heroes as they try to survive on a world that is not their own.

The Huntress lives up to her name and her character is well portrayed in the series even if she is the daughter of the Bat once more.