WOW presents ‘A Battle of the Charities’

Bands must register by July 15
Jun 19, 2014

Ever wanted to be in a rock band? Now's the chance.

Women of Waynesville President Nikki White came up with a fun, creative way for local businesses to raise money for Haywood County charities. The Battle of the Charities will pit businesses against each other for the title of ‘Best 80s Air Band.’

Businesses have until July 14 to sign up to be considered as one of the possible bands to compete in this event. On July 15, a member of WOW will contact businesses to inform them on whether they have been chosen to compete.

These are the things participants need to do before signing up to participate:

— Choose an '80s band for the business to be

— Choose two songs by the chosen '80s band to perform

— Choose a local Haywood County Charity the band will raise money for

— Know the number of people in the band

There will be a total of nine businesses chosen to compete in this event. Once bands band has been chosen, participants must pay a $100 entry fee. Once a 80s band has been picked, it is off the list to be picked by another business/band.

On Sept. 13, the stage will be set and prepped with lights, microphones, speakers, a keyboard, drum set and guitars. Band will perform their two songs in air style and in full character of the band the business chose.

Each registered business will compete against one other registered business in the same field. For example, WOW will be compete against another nonprofit. In the first part of the competition, each competing band will perform their two songs, back to back. In this segment, the audience will vote on which band goes on to the second and final stage of the event. This process will illuminate five bands and five bands to compete in the final round.

The five finalists will perform again after choosing from the two songs they already performed. Once all five bands have performed, the top three bands will be determined by a panel of five to seven judges.

Once registration is complete on July 14, and all businesses have had a chance to register, nine businesses will be chosen to move forward. Between July 15 and Thursday, Sept. 9, there will be optional challenges that each band can choose to earn points for their band. Accrued points will help in determining the final winner.

A list of optional challenges will be given to the chosen nine bands on Aug. 16. These challenges will have due dates and points given upon achievement at this time. All challenges are for fun and to encourage team spirit and business camaraderie and to also help in raising more money at the event.

Also between July 15 and Thursday, Sept. 9, each chosen band will be encouraged to seek sponsors and contributors to their bands cause. This can be done in many ways, and WOW encourages finding “band-aids” and “groupies” and of course family and friends that can throw some money toward the performance, efforts, entertainment and cause.

Money raised will also give points to the band; bands will earn points for each dollar raised.

Once the top three finalists have been determined, the band with the most “all around” points and money raised will be the winning band. All money raised from all bands involved will go to the winning bands charity of choice. The charity must be a Haywood County charity and the money raised must stay in Haywood County.

Tickets will be sold for the night of the event, and ticket prices have yet to be determined. There will be wine and hors ‘d oeuvres available for purchase.

For more information on how your business band can get involved, call Nikki White at 545-6879.